Sunday, 26 December 2010

--I fizz
------with the Universe
---the Universe
--fizzes with me
----when I follow my truth, God's truth,
-----------------------I am protected.

Negativity exists in my mind
-----------but if it exists elsewhere
-------I am protected
This fluid World
----that accommodates
-----------us all
unless it's about
--the world, the Universe,
---------the cosmos
-----or ourselves
-I haven't got much to say
Not denying life, because you know what it is,
But affirming life, because you know what it is
try to influence
---in the formless
--------of myself

-It's all
--I can feel

-----where am

---can you have

(it's a heady question...
---annoying, stupid...
--but maybe
---------------there's something to it)

dissolve yourself away
----into this
--listening space

I tell you we're all One
You tell me to fuck off
I tell you
you tell me

Revolving doors
-----Revolving doors

Thursday, 16 December 2010


-----Shut up and listen to me,
---------the poet with nothing to say

--Because in nothing
-------------there may be a something

-------------says something to you

-So shut up and listen to me-
---------the poet with nothing to say

-------coz in nothing
-------------there's a something
------------------------------Speaks voices

-----And maybe in something
-----------there's a nothing
--------------------------------can reach you
Wake up


-Welcome home
What is there but this
--------------primordial stillness?
-and not expressing,
-------------categories of good
---------------------------------and bad
headlight stream
-----align my eyes
-with the horizon

Sunday, 12 December 2010

--while you think I'm idle
I think I'm doing the best possible thing I could be doing with my life
it's funny how people
get caught in certain viewpoints

and they won't let themselves get out of them

because they won't read the books
go to the events

or make the experiences

that viewpoint

it's crazy funny
how we get caught
in these loops of the mind-
or roads we've taken
one way
blinkered to all others
that road loops its way inside you
along the path
because really
the path is just the

Loops of the Mind

scratching around
on the surface

Thursday, 2 December 2010

the world is not something we're just born into.
----It's something we create
---in getting towards death
----------------we must express

and in getting towards life
-------we must get towards
crystal sea junctures
--round to meet you

--there, where you are,

-------------turning round to meet you

And despite all my weaknesses
------I am strong
---and with strength
-----------comes my weakness

-our weakness, my love,

------------our weakness
don't think about the categories
----and they won't affect you
-don't think about the categories
---and you won't be affected
--by them
we've come here to express
And the only thing worth expressing
is the truth
And the truth is the silence,
our Spiritual Abode,
And therein lies the bind
And yet
and yet...
we have a chance here,
we've come here to express,
to learn-
to know-
and to experience-
who we really are.


(Who are we again?)


(Disclaimer: the truth is also in the noise)
too many spectators

---fooling each other
------and fooling ourselves

-----fooling ourselves
--------and fooling each other

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

-----"Exploring is beautiful"
Yes, it is.

-----It's all karma,
-----------working itself out :-)
window way up high

how did your walls

build you there?
----watch the waters
and watch them fade

the image
-------takes over
-the reality

---the best medium

national expressions
----------------of the same
I strip myself (I already have) (and it continues)
---and everything comes
You've got to make it happen
explain it away
with a word or two

this miracle
that is me and you

... ... ...

go on --- go on, --- go on...
express or die.

And I expressed

---(more or less)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

--by the
the song
----of the
-You're born (You're not)
-You die (You don't)
-The rest you choose... (You don't?) up to

flash back to the. -future

-----crystal beams
---------going across walls
--------------from ceilings
-------------------to meet
Just Remember
--The Love, Man

---Don't forget the Love, man,
---Love is all there is

--And it's not a
-------------wishy washy
-----be as you should be love,
----it's a real tangible
good bad integrated ----- come as you are
-----------------life as you are love
the will to be as I am
-and the need to live together

-------------------(world, compromise)
meant to be
---is the only way
--it can be

Thursday, 25 November 2010

we invent words
-------like minds
---and then try to find
-------------the things
--we've made them stand for
-fires -no

Friday, 19 November 2010

-----making connections

is about

making connections
---No expectations
--------------(Be) (Just) as you are.

Traffic lights,
-------------horizon seas
---------standing under the shelter
-------------------------big rain
--------Bright horizon
--------------like a slither of a dream
----and then the real
-------------------people come out

-------Rain and thunder
--------------to wash away the sea

---The im-

-And how can I have a bad day?
----I see a disabled man in his buggy
--I go down to the sea
---------------slither sky-
-----------watch- --really watch-
------------------------------------the waves

--------a patchwork of puddled
-----------------concrete slabs

Thursday, 4 November 2010

YES, life is a struggle,

but that's not what we're (ultimately) here for.

(It's always ultimately).
Being human
---is about learning
--what being human is.

-------There are no
-----external qualifications
------------------for that
another false
printed promise
--to be
and to
this -- is
think tired
---feel tired
-be tired
-----of the Divine



cells -as
----mackerel brown
-you're only limited
-----by what you consider
------------the possibilities
--------------------------to be
what you know
--you know
-what you don't,
---------you don't
I am a Buddha,
---as are you
wholeness and discord
a discordant whole
lot of discord
lot of whole
a wholeness discord
discordance and whole-
You can only access something
----you believe to be accessible
-and- by extension-
------you have to believe
--------it's there
--a mind of fragmentation
-----or a mind of unity
that sees opposites
-------------as the same
---and the 'we'
------of me

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I'll experience
what I need
to experience
I don't need
to experience it
anymore :-)
Life goes on forever
---and so
--do I
A moment in time,
---captured well
--or a lifetime lived

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

-it's what you are
----and what you're not
----supposed to see

----spirit home
--------and spirit free

spirit mild (wild?)
---and spirit free
--show me what
-----you're s'pposed to be

I am wonderful
-I am free
-I love you
-----and you love me
we live in the world
and the world
------lives in us
love is all there is, man
----love is all there is...

yes, there's piss & shit too

----but love is all there is, man
-----love is all there is

I am not

I am special.
People can't see
People can see
Don't see
Do see. See

But yes... don't dwell on
being special
Don't dwell. Just be. Come as you are. yes. Thank you. Thank you.
--it's not about self-respect
-it's about self understanding
just do it.
it's no
big deal


it is
your own


of what it is
it is

what is it?
what is
wake up

...if you're asleep
that's stupid

if you're already awake
it's nice to see
and maybe you smile
you don't need
to read it.

This is the bind
the bind,
the bind...
The words
-----keep happening.
The realisations beyond
---------the words
-------keep happening.
yes it all
falls away
in the present

if it doesn't
you're not
in the present

you're in
the vestiges
of the mind

the past and present
future spaces
corners of the mind

the ends of the

back-alley stationed corners
darkened pools
and maze endings.

stop points.

But war is no more
when the mind comes together
lets nothing of space
or time
fall apart

the difference united
from lines to circle

from thoughts of many
to the feeling of one

that is all.

And yes,

yes it all
falls away
in the present
and that feeling,
---this feeling-
--that dissolves
------as I put pen to paper,
-or was never
------for pen or paper-

---that feeling,
------this feeling

--is telling me I need to express
----and do these things I need to do,
---that these things are to be
-----------------------always done now


----that I am-
--------when I am-
-------on the right path
And it all falls away
---in the present

-----------so let it all fall away.

--Let it fall away
----and be

---in the present

Monday, 4 October 2010


We are the aliens.
----We came from the stars.

--------We can live here,
-------------------love here,
------But ultimately this is not our home.

---This is not
-------where we

--We came from outer space-
----------inner space outer space-

--We came from the stars
-----and to the stars
----------------we will return

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

---the symptom
------------is not
-----the disease
fear of death exists
---because you do not know life
you take up the responsibility
---------of self
------and life takes on more meaning.
-------------------You hold your
------------------------------------in your hands
I can only experience
------------what I have expressed
karma is

It is
of debt

for the
of purification.
the punishment
is not

Now that
is acceptance
of karma

Then God uses
"Suffering is necessary
----until you realise
--suffering is unnecessary"
Our individual karmas
-----------make up the drama
----------------of collective life.
---those with God
----------are protected
------with God
we are


You can do anything
----with this life
What can you do
---------------with absolute freedom?
--Whatever you want, you may say.
---But with absolute freedom
--------------you want
------------------------for nothing

Thursday, 23 September 2010

deliverance of the Heart
--------to the Divine Ground
I am from The Stars
---And you are from The Stars
--Now you know
---Where I'm coming from
in and of this world
----that falls & fades

---in and of
-------this world
-----that falls
-----------and fades

-in and of this world
----that falls
--and fades away
where is
scrolling sea,
--this is me

Was good to go out But...

You've got a precious human life.
--You won't have it forever.
Don't waste it, man,
---------Don't waste it.

------If you can't live as an example
------------to what you believe
--------Then really, what can you do?
--listen to yourself
and the world's ears
-----fall upon you
breaking walls, building bridges
under the cover of darkness
time won't last
---the time has passed
--but you're alive
-----------and here
activating your potential,
---------starts to
------------becomes real.
--In a culture of blame
----we don't take responsibility
---for our own selves.
We don't live the life
---------------we were born
---------------------------to live

-But I do.
----------I do.
----And maybe you do.
------------------You do.
---You do
we are all
words can go on forever...

The Reality Runs Deeper...

Pure energy born light
-----How could I forget you?
you are the master
-------of your own destiny

Sunday, 19 September 2010

---watching life
------from the periphery
but that life I'm watching
-----------------knows nothing else.
-------It is the periphery,
-------------nothing more.
--It is the pushing and pulling
This is all just One Movement
--------Go with it
----Just go with the flow
It's all just one movement...
------Don't take it all
-----upon yourself
---what is the poem
-------------saying/ trying to say?

It's not trying,
------it's effortlessly
----------------there already

---You've just got to be open
-----------------------to hearing it

-------set, to dissolve into it

---------and listen with its voice.

It is what it is
-------------onto itself-
--------a purer expression
----that further explanation
---------------would only detract from.
-view of the sea-
-----costs you an

But you've already spent
---so you're already bent
--on a life lived

----as it's
-------to be
talking about something
talking about

Friday, 17 September 2010

--What happens
----when everything's perfect?
---Nothing can happen then.
planets slowly moving
I haven't 'heard'
but know very well already, before
And when I've
---accepted losing it,
-I find it again
the human body is perfect
-----it's just the expectations we've built around it
---that are at fault
the elixir of life
----is the absence
--of illusion
Yes the world comes in on you
But it shapes you in the process
and gives you the opportunity
to break into,
or come into


and now this is not a time
for drunkenness

this chapter
is engaging
for real.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

--mountain formations
---how to start
-----a critique
-------of this modern world

if this world
----I've come to know
--is 'modern' ?
----encourages you to be
--the best of the mainstream

----But if you see
-------the problem
---with the mainstream

-------then that
------doesn't really
----------hold up to the light
don't think
--'I am right'
-My ego persists
I'm an
--bird of prey
with an attitude of not-doing,
true doing is achieved.

That is not to say be lazy
or inactive, or not set goals
or put steps in place to achieve them

But simply that
without being preoccupied with doing
& achieving, the struggle ceases
and doing and achieving (often to a
greater extent than before) happen naturally

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

paradise and parasites

Evening walk
lush overgrown rich greening paths
This really is
Heaven on Earth.
Stand and stare.
(Out the bird hide)
(quiet nature point)
Don't rush, man...
You miss things.
And nature does not rush.
All in time
All in
its seasons.
Season changed
Me maybe too
newness old,
wonderful here

I'm in Love
with Existence.

And yet people-
may come
see my awe,
touching plants &
feeling trees
and think
my divine sanity
is insane.

The human world
so caught up,

People shut in houses,
this nature open free.

And yes, today I'm here...
But I'm the same
I can be the same,

I am people too.

And yes, we can be

Our activity parasitic
-----in this paradise...

And yet...
And yet...
we are what
this consciousness to life

We make nature whole
By being here
to experience it.

We are experiencing

And we are creating
that movement,
That which we are.

We bring it all to life
into consciousness


Maybe most of us
don't even know
what trip we're on.

Experiencing this
Experiencing ourselves

One movement
bringing All
To Life

Closing the separation
That exists
and really doesn't.

One movement whole
Bringing All

To Life
People indulging
in the highs and lows
to the story
they're creating

I'm not going to indulge
in the same things

I'm a stranger to this world-
And yet...
I know it well
my life purpose
------on the run...
---running out ahead of me
-I follow,
-------to everything!-
----fitting into place
seen hugging a tree,
--smelling a flower
---------sitting meditating
--------------in a forest
----------or a field.

--------------There's no need
----------------to apologise.

------Don't apologise
----------to the societal state
----------------of things
------------too soon
"What do you do?"
----------"I don't know what I do"
---They talk about
--------health and green
But how can it be true
------when they propagate
--------these lifestyles?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

"I want something forever"
But forever is not I
And I is not forever
this life is beautiful
------and I'm fortunate
----to have it

--To have an unshaking
---------raw vision of this world
-to take with me
I am blessed
--and I have all I could ever need
-of anything
-Sound of rain

What's the difference...

-I concentrate on life.
That's why I understand it.

I may not know a lot about
----what's happening in the world
-But I know what's happening
------------------in myself
fragrance of so many flowers
I know Life
---Because Life
has been my Life's project

under the big-ass sky
----without fences
you can see a long way

I'm really not lost
-------------or uncertain

----I know
-------I'm going Lord
-----------I know
----------------I'm going

---don't tell me
------I don't know what I'm talking about.

MY experience
------------tells ME
------I know what I'm talking about

---------(how could it not)
cloud dreaming
---aeroplane views

We Run Deeper...

--"What's the use of yoga?"
---------What's the use of answering that question, if that's your attitude?
Yes, what's the use of seeing what life is?, bureaucracy, world structures, strictures...
----------It's not what life is.
-------It's what life
------------------has become

--We Run Deeper...
--------and this
------------is what I'm on about

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

-----to you
--------something may be nothing
-to me it may be everything
And if you haven't
------got Love
----You'll end up trying
--------------to prove yourself
------------in other ways

And if you haven't
----got God
--your satisfaction
----------will only lay
-------in the things of this world

--But with both
-----------you are...
---------contented :-)
the beauty of the forces of nature
----Each ant
--has its role to play
feather buoyant
----------on the air
come back to yourself
---and come back to God

Come to God
---and come back to yourself

(the two are not different)
The fullness
-------of nature
the fullness
---------of time
full-bodied plants
---and a simple abundance
-of things

Sunday, 25 April 2010

can't you see

your divinity?
pleasant and fresh
----mountain air...




Saturday, 24 April 2010


talking about

"actions not


Friday, 23 April 2010

as far as cool is concerned

the image is cooler

than the reality
it's all falling

towards unity
it's the living that's killing us

ain't it wonderful? :-)
is the product
of a broken mind
if I die, i die
I would have had a great life
because I would have made sure I had a great life!
No worries! I'm making sure of it now!
if you are the product
of an evolutionary imperative,
what are the chances of you
being here

And if we can reduce wonder
to an overplayed science
and miss life
for the idea(l)s

just what

are you going

to do?


got your food
got your clothing
got your shelter

got your Love

There is Nothing you need to do!

stop fucking striving

(unless you enjoy it,
which you do)
'enlightenment' doesn't happen
in lineages of time

vestiges of space
in an infinite time
in an infinite place

I will not meet you

at 2:15
under the bridge.
cosmological complexity
reaches its own

which is
the simplicity

it started with
under the segmented sky
neurons to stars
were never
that far

stars, brain,
underlying nature

neurons = stars

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

we all go through these stages

but the party lives on

beauty profound

mystics don't see anything different
-----------------they see the same as everyone else,
-------------------------just in a different way
it's always all coming together

and falling apart

(at the same time)
eyes like planets
even in the denial of God-

the spark of beauty realisation

of God's existence
in this life

nothing is unreal.

even the illusion is real

(just not as real as you think it is
before you know it's an illusion)
mystical melons
thrown in the fire
as the rivers are crossed
and the flow
reverses itself
back in

because if you don't know what I'm talking about

you don't know what I'm talking about

Nothing & No Way

"Do you know


"Then tell me something about

"There is nothing
to tell you
and no way

to tell it"
how many words
does it take
to build
a wall

and how many
to bring it

(And what
our houses?)
let me in
let me in
let me in

you are in
you know that much already-

So why are you looking to me?
where there is a wall

there is a conflict
don't bemoan the system -
you could have opted out at any point.
You still can
if you want to

(if you don't
then fine)


I can use symbols
so well
I can

make them
look pretty
because the nature of reality
is the nature of reality
regardless of
the mystic
each person
---must work it out
----------------for themselves
I am hiding nothing.
There are no secrets here.

What is it
you cannot find?

Do you know
it is there
for the finding?

take off your cloak
and sit with me.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

A party-political broadcast from the mystics...
you live as you believe the world to be
world I want to give you
but world I maybe
how much distance
can words
take you

you know,

follow out
their notions
to gather them

what can you say
to get yourself back
to where you always were

and how
could you stop

doesn't mean I'm lost

with stars
my beauty says

of broken glass like dreams

shatter to come home
to meet me

you see the words?
you see the sounds
you hear
the unconscious

animal call lineages

through the chords
of a piano


thank you the drums

and what they say, it's true;
rest, and unconditional

stare at the page-
my eyes blur to nothing
and the music stops
on repeat

melody starts
swimming with love
in here
so much so
I can't believe it

and swimming
with Love

thank you,
the drums
framing the stars
in a criss cross of motions


and watch
with me

Friday, 16 April 2010

this world-


Thursday, 15 April 2010

feel your humanity

we are lives here.

beyond all the distraction, all the bullshit
(beneath and running through)
the amazing fact-

we are lives here
there was a place,
you were there

there was a time,
you spent it

And now...
And now...
it's the urge to be something
that stops you indulging
in the beauty of being nothing

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

our very existence

is very existing


and pass away

The Sheer Beauty of Life

Union with the divine-
That which is in all of us
but which we ignore in our day-to-day existence
because we're scared to face up
to the sheer beauty of life-

of our very being-
that which we are

"I" "Am" "Now" "Eternity"

I am now eternity

The mystery that is life

Bird soars, breaks horizon

Sunday, 11 April 2010

the night is still,
still night
There is just
this big
the way we live is a testament to what we think is possible

Saturday, 10 April 2010

pure consciousness
and non-dual
and neither of such
How long
does life last?

Because right now
it's lasting


Friday, 9 April 2010

light of the sun

there is so much beauty
to the truth of experience

What is the opposite of truth?
Truth has no opposite!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I call it God

"With God on my side"-
God doesn't take sides-
God doesn't even conceive of sides-
God is not even God-
in the sense of associations that can be made to a word.

The name is not the thing
because the thing
is the eternal ever-present
creative power of the blah blah blah...

And that can't be
boxed up
and given a label.

It can't be fought for
or fought against

because what is is what is

and these are just words-
pointing to that but also getting in the way-

of limitation
that the mind sheds
when it understands
what is so.

Perhaps if we were stronger
I wouldn't be writing
and you wouldn't be reading.
---pluses and minuses
in a world of nothing like it
The mind is all very circular.
You only understand what is already in your understanding.
The mind wants something to do
What can I tell you?
What can anyone tell you?
You'll go your own way, sweet jesus.

Grow like the body

--You have to do it yourself
------------(words come into fullness as the music builds)
----You only learn from what you're learning
-----------------at the pace you're ready to learn it.
-------Not like you know --- where you're going...
---But just because you know
--------------------in the growing
---------------(that's where
-------------------you've got
-----------------------------to go)

Subtle roads of the mind,
like barely trodden paths across the field.
Like a map of the stars across the sky...
--Up there,
---------and also in you.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

There is only Awareness.
----we just separate it up
--and tie ourselves in knots

Monday, 5 April 2010

There's a danger to looking at the world head on
because it stops
and is infinitely alive with you.

Let the guard down

we're infinitely


Sunday, 4 April 2010

eating a donut, drinking coffee...
-----typing spiritual stuff
---on my blog
What we know is what we have built walls around,
labelled and boxed up.

In time and space we have created our reality.
And yet our reality is only ever here and now.

Ever changing, ever new...
when the walls come down
we find ourselves

saturated in and flowing with
the creative power of the universe...

The Creative Power of the Universe!

That which we are.

Friday, 2 April 2010

What are you?

You're a fucking miracle!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

hi. now. i'm here. where are you? what are you looking for? I guess we're all just looking for signposts. i can tell you what tells you is not the i but this. and this says you are everything already but you must get rid of what you're not before you can believe it.

so what has this got to say but your own natural inner rhythm? ha- there's the bind- not a lot really. come back to your self. be at peace. in love. open. be.


Ah, the future never comes...

I'm just enjoying the here and now.
there's nothing so beautiful and amazing

as all that nature

------------------------(and nature = Love)

(divine forest walk)

sitting in church

as a kid

never made me

this high.

(And yet- at heart-

all the same values

i can learn here)
Do less

Have less

Be less

Be More

something that is never

and is always

only you

watching TV.



cosmic dance

of possible impossibility!

Step Out Of The Way!

I am not doing

This is

Being done

Monday, 29 March 2010

galloping white horses
coming in on the sun

surreal views
through manmade structures

of natural beauty


how is this
even possible?

I don't know

but it is

Friday, 26 March 2010

-invisible walls

--------------come down
ordinary people
ordinary people
Ordinary people!

We are the World!
don't get lost
in the

Wednesday, 24 March 2010





Tuesday, 23 March 2010

writing on here
because i want to
paint my name
the sky
eternal waves of being
flooding over us

just watch

sands I tread
don't hold
me floating

mist cloud sift waves

cliff shifting
One less lock
one more liberation

I'm not singing of me
but of this

... and maybe that's a lie

Monday, 22 March 2010

symbol-less heart

let me make
a symbol

of the love for you
I've just lost


we construct the categories
and then try to reconcile them
everywhere's a mess,
nothing's ever sorted - :-)
"Lovely, absolutely gorgeous!"
it tastes like an exploding rainbow of stars!

white roofs

of our own making

grey sky
no horizon
but the no smoking sign
sellotaped windows,
leave the world behind
Searching out the sky
for the stars
of my internal being

I see them there

and nearly fall into a ditch
in the process
I am not
I am just another element

of this

dead people,

into fashion

Out of the frying pan
into the


Thursday, 18 March 2010

passing on from this
to pure bliss
we lose our experience
of 'this'

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

This is it...

Sad and beautiful...

This is it - :-)

Learn to Feel

Don't think too much- only when necessary
----because it brings what is in natural flow
--------------into self-consciousness,
Language is how we negotiate
--------------------the external world
---and how we externalise
--------------------------the internal--
-----------------------------------which is God
--Life is Life.

Anything else
-----is just a myth

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

All this vastness...

what does it matter if


---We've lost the cycles

------We've lost the cycles

Won't you come outside

----------and help me

--------find them again


And it's all
what's inside my head

And what I can't
let out

come crashing in

Rules and Regulations of our Freedom

too many questions,
freedoms, nothing said

There's more freedom
in the developing world.
More freedom 'elsewhere.'

Freedom... we have oodles of it
Oodles of false.

What is freedom
stored in boxes
vanity chests
and history

without the ability
to exercise it

Over run, overrun,
we are being overrun.

By too many questions,

freedoms, nothing said

but oodles of false,
oodles of fake *





---let go

---------let go

----------------let go

One big separation,
-----removal, construction, fantasy, distraction
---World we whir about in
The reality, filtered through the fantasy.
This is the world we live in!
And I'll shake your hand, as a human being
But not as a politician

Monday, 15 March 2010

Thinking the inside
------was the outside
-until I went
---to the outside real
-------open nature free-

there's false-
-------and there's


Sunday, 14 March 2010

----Are you



from the nature we were born from?

The present is not the passage to the future

---or the access to the vault of the past.

The present is Now

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The dreams you make
-The roads you take
The Earth that you set in motion
You know you love me

I know I love you

What more do we do?

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sometimes the stars in the sky
-Are closer to home
Everything is Radiant


-In the way things Are

Friday, 8 January 2010

killing is killing
there is no freedom to fight
or fight for

it is here.

Whatever you want,
it is here.
-----And those who can't stop
-------------Will be dead
Before they've even realised they're Alive
---Sense perception false start...

-------And then...

Whatever you live by manifests itself

-----------------(in your life)

---------------------------the more you journey it)

-------------------, Creative Being
in the nature born light

How many words
Can you say about snow?

--An infinity of possibility
--to the one path you can take
---Made for imitation

And it's all there
To the best of its proven ability

A music missed of the stars
and the moments they came from
The sun, shines through
Love from me, to you
-Human and Divine

--Turning dreams on me

Possession is an occupation of the mind

Monday, 4 January 2010

You want to help- you can offer support-
-------But what more can you do?

---You take an image of me
------------and I... take an image... of you.



--Let the Universe continue for you

---------As it will for me

------And us.

------We're heading there now.

-----------(And we won't want to stop it)

----------This is what we were made for.
There are no known limits,
---------No limits to know

-everything collapses
into singularity

Lighten Up

The ultimate fate
of the Universe
depends on how much
dark energy it contains.

dark energy permeates all of space and
increases the rate
of expansion
of the Universe.

Dark energy
is how it sounds.

It is negativity, weight,
further disconnection...

until our
kills us, blows us apart entirely.

Let us choose
Unity, connection-

Let us
Pull ourselves

Let us choose

The Light
black hole
Big Bang
black hole
Big Bang
black hole
Big Bang
black hole

This is the
Event Horizon

This is the Critical Mass
Event Horizon

Opening budding silent
heading back in

eye to eye

I see flying saucers
---and they are the eyes of an owl
------------------called me


No meaning,
---in isolation

-We are resonating
-------with our Universe


---Single Entity
when we're away
----------we live...
-----Because there's nothing else to do
coming to terms...
-----with physicality
there is no time
------to wait behind
-there is no space
------------to leave

---(or come back to)
---And he told me
--------the inhale
---------------and the outhale
were the same as the motion
---------------------------of the making of love
--------All created things
-----------------are just imitations...
Manmade, crudely,
-------nature divinely.
----And it's all natural,
---------------------and Divine
time stretches out,
-----------------on forever
---bit by bit
-------I find my way home
and the bits I can't find
---are the bits of home I need to go out from
--------------------to get back in

-----(And this,

---------------is just,

----------------------happening) :-)
invest yourself in one thing
----you get that thing back
breeze through on a dream but
------want to make contact somewhere
--It's really not the place (although it helps)
-------------But your attitude, wherever you are


-I am neither excited
---------------nor anxious
---it's just something
-------------that's happening
Taking part
---------in the dream
--------------------more fully

---(It starts
-------in Love, Life
-It ends
--------in Love, Life

---Let Love, Life --- take me through)

----------(love from me, to you)
pushing the future forward,
-----pushing the future on
and I'll bring you on your knees
---------the silent voice
---------------------said to me
--When you know the One
the good and bad they come together



------from the ownership of things
and the things
------will cease to be
--------------a problem

-------(you still need stuff)