Wednesday, 29 September 2010

---the symptom
------------is not
-----the disease
fear of death exists
---because you do not know life
you take up the responsibility
---------of self
------and life takes on more meaning.
-------------------You hold your
------------------------------------in your hands
I can only experience
------------what I have expressed
karma is

It is
of debt

for the
of purification.
the punishment
is not

Now that
is acceptance
of karma

Then God uses
"Suffering is necessary
----until you realise
--suffering is unnecessary"
Our individual karmas
-----------make up the drama
----------------of collective life.
---those with God
----------are protected
------with God
we are


You can do anything
----with this life
What can you do
---------------with absolute freedom?
--Whatever you want, you may say.
---But with absolute freedom
--------------you want
------------------------for nothing

Thursday, 23 September 2010

deliverance of the Heart
--------to the Divine Ground
I am from The Stars
---And you are from The Stars
--Now you know
---Where I'm coming from
in and of this world
----that falls & fades

---in and of
-------this world
-----that falls
-----------and fades

-in and of this world
----that falls
--and fades away
where is
scrolling sea,
--this is me

Was good to go out But...

You've got a precious human life.
--You won't have it forever.
Don't waste it, man,
---------Don't waste it.

------If you can't live as an example
------------to what you believe
--------Then really, what can you do?
--listen to yourself
and the world's ears
-----fall upon you
breaking walls, building bridges
under the cover of darkness
time won't last
---the time has passed
--but you're alive
-----------and here
activating your potential,
---------starts to
------------becomes real.
--In a culture of blame
----we don't take responsibility
---for our own selves.
We don't live the life
---------------we were born
---------------------------to live

-But I do.
----------I do.
----And maybe you do.
------------------You do.
---You do
we are all
words can go on forever...

The Reality Runs Deeper...

Pure energy born light
-----How could I forget you?
you are the master
-------of your own destiny

Sunday, 19 September 2010

---watching life
------from the periphery
but that life I'm watching
-----------------knows nothing else.
-------It is the periphery,
-------------nothing more.
--It is the pushing and pulling
This is all just One Movement
--------Go with it
----Just go with the flow
It's all just one movement...
------Don't take it all
-----upon yourself
---what is the poem
-------------saying/ trying to say?

It's not trying,
------it's effortlessly
----------------there already

---You've just got to be open
-----------------------to hearing it

-------set, to dissolve into it

---------and listen with its voice.

It is what it is
-------------onto itself-
--------a purer expression
----that further explanation
---------------would only detract from.
-view of the sea-
-----costs you an

But you've already spent
---so you're already bent
--on a life lived

----as it's
-------to be
talking about something
talking about

Friday, 17 September 2010

--What happens
----when everything's perfect?
---Nothing can happen then.
planets slowly moving
I haven't 'heard'
but know very well already, before
And when I've
---accepted losing it,
-I find it again
the human body is perfect
-----it's just the expectations we've built around it
---that are at fault
the elixir of life
----is the absence
--of illusion
Yes the world comes in on you
But it shapes you in the process
and gives you the opportunity
to break into,
or come into


and now this is not a time
for drunkenness

this chapter
is engaging
for real.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

--mountain formations
---how to start
-----a critique
-------of this modern world

if this world
----I've come to know
--is 'modern' ?
----encourages you to be
--the best of the mainstream

----But if you see
-------the problem
---with the mainstream

-------then that
------doesn't really
----------hold up to the light
don't think
--'I am right'
-My ego persists
I'm an
--bird of prey
with an attitude of not-doing,
true doing is achieved.

That is not to say be lazy
or inactive, or not set goals
or put steps in place to achieve them

But simply that
without being preoccupied with doing
& achieving, the struggle ceases
and doing and achieving (often to a
greater extent than before) happen naturally