Saturday, 29 August 2009

This is the Divine Playground
the playground of the Divine.

-The Divine is/
------at play

Friday, 28 August 2009

Fluid World

Fluid world
I know what your other parts
Thought of me.

I thought
Of them, their confirmation
In exchange.

I will
For your will also,
In us

Come together
In friends... of the Fluid World
We stick to our fine lined differences
It would be so easy to have nothing
---and that would not be much fun.

View every person
----------as a soul upon the Earth
Give me a reason.
Find your own.
We're not all as lost as each other
when we see the sea's horizon
we are all human,
which expression are you?

Express to me
your expression.
The Truth of Love
is the Universe Born
You are already free.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Boundless positive, future tradition

The more you converge with the One
-----the more it goes your way
----But the less it goes your way
----and more the way of the One.

---Death is forever sustenance
------The Universal womb

--We have an endless positive
-----waiting to be born

We ARE this endless positive, boundless tradition
the trees
There's no where to go
---and no thing to do
------I love you
sun setting high sky
--------falling down
---This is where I am
and this is what I'm doing
-----This is my life.
You can't help others until you can help yourself.

---(You just need to know what's helpful)
Life and death
it's all the same universe
-You're a perfect mirror
--------to the outside world

You just can't perfect see it yet

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

we're all in this together babe
what seems far away
-is also inside

the same mechanism
--------------------at work
--------------------------within you

is also
---the Universe
Love --&-- Leave

growing up my burning sun
We don't need UFOs...

We have


Monday, 24 August 2009

mind traps.

the future is now.

separation (and inequality)

but something universal

is Universal.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Looking Glass

Inside, outside,
--what do you see?
-A piece of you
-------is a piece of me.
You will have everything you need.
-----------------You already do.
The city map
--------of city pleasures
------Broken chest
-------of broken treasures

Friday, 21 August 2009

There is one reason you are here.
--To be the person
---------------you know you are
satiated by sound
---food and water
criss-crossing clouds,
-----windy day

listen to the trees
----to the eyes in the sky,

--What is success?
-------Being happy,
-Loving yourself
-------------And loving others
(For your self and others the same)
it depends
---you bring to it.
And then
----what Mind.

-bits of
-----scraps of
--paper lives
because it's
-and I want to

There is always-
----and never-
what else to do?
--There's a lot else to do
-Like the world to find
-----------------in you

---systems outside,
------go inward
star sequence spiral staircase
the day will
----alive again
We operate on different levels.
--What is true on one
-may not be true on another.
-------But they are both true
There is this way
---and this way
--is the only way
------it can be for me
--seize the day
first we just made
-----smoke-filled touches

------we saturate
----each other's pores

Where the fight stops

There's always
---to fight for
It's just learning
--------to know
-----when to stop
--"time is the enemy"
does not suggest
----fight against it
-----seep through
happiness is here and now
--------if you know it to be so
depths of feeling
----deepening moment
-You can't fool someone
-------who knows their own mind

There are some things
---------------you do not understand

--Look to yourself
------------before you start crusading

for many arguments:

it depends
---what level
--you're operating on.
----in the grey matter
--between black and white
there's greater cognitive ability
-----to be found
tree water rain
-------forest floor

-building from
-----------the sky above
two peroxide blonds
--------in a black car

------falling out
-----of buses
spending time,
spending money
----spreading joy like bread on honey
roses cast long shadows
-------against the whitewash wall
now is the time
--and now is the place

I love you
why are we all
------always so

-We are our own limited
------time and space
-and we are
-----so much
the world is not a/the
---perfect resting place

---morning moon

-faulty electrics
-failing eclectics

how can you be sick of something
----when it's passing by?
It's ok
---it's the nature of

We bemoan
----our purpose
-until we find it

Brave imaginings
expound my view
----of the universe

unstable sky
passing by

-hanging over
--the house
strip of light
---in the sky
-coming from my bedroom door
Too far gone
--down the future path
-----------------------of modernity
"I'm a travelling
salesman," he said, with
his eyes wide closed
and his mouth hanging

I hadn't asked him
what he did, merely
asked him to expound
his view of the Universe.

"You see, the way
I see it..."

Hmmm... he went

"You know, we all have
something to sell
and no-one
to buy"

Maybe I was his first pitch.

"Travel travel, things to buy,
travel travel, over"

I knew what he was saying,
though I knew nothing of his
words. It was deep and
true- but I'd
heard it all before
and I had
my understandings.

I was interested
in exchanging signposts,
but his rhetoric
was full of

I wondered where he
would take us.

"Go on," I said.

"Like movement and

(a piece of food dripped
out the side of his
and he looked down
at it
as though
the camera zoomed in
on him
and on his sadness.
There it was,
this small large piece of food,
that shattered his truth steadily)

There was nothing left to say.
He had had his chance
and I had seen the fragility
of human life and theory.
--my natural rhythms
-in nature

-----------my nature.

restoring my natural rhythms

-------in nature



Flying home
--the sun
A butterfly
---lands on
-the leaf (/roof)
trees stand
more powerful than
bathed in the energy
-----of pure light
-----is my natural
We're not doing
----what we know we should
--because we don't think it's possible
----we are not all significant
---------as individuals.

Yet we are,
----yet we are,

----it's the essence we are
-----------that counts
-to bare it alone

that's what
------you're here for

---before the love
---------of the world
crystalline decay
--bird gods say
the universe rewards
-----good feeling



It's an idea I've known
-----but only today
---this morning
-----------did I get a feel
-----------------------of it.

-------------As I was washing up.

We come here
--to experience
-----------who we are.

Who we are
-----is God
-------Divine essence.

------I know
----------to be so.

And becoming-
------in becoming-

the extent to which
-------------we 'miss'-
----the extent to which
--------------we 'mistake'
-------------who we are
-----is the extent
--------------to which
-------------it will have
-------------------to be

For How Long
-------will you keep / succumbing to evil
----with the excuse
---------'that is the way of the world'?
-A whole lifetime perhaps?
------For as long as it suits?
--And how bad
-------does it have to get-
-----will you have to get-
---------before you call
----------------------a stop
We're not referencing
the same stuff anymore

Or maybe we are

representations and false

it's all true


what the senses allow
Learn to appreciate
------the days as they are
twinkle glitter shine-.

--And that-
----they found-
in the dark blue depths-
---was love
subtle shades of crimson dancing
-subtle shades of children asking

mist and mornings
-been said before

but me
---to open the door
----and close your eyes
so the world
--doesn't have to
deep appreciation
There's so much to say
--and so little
--------of importance
that can
-----------be said
And wrong
-try and live
----in my
highest image
-because if I can't
then what's
----the point.
crystalline decay
--everything is changing

----bodily feels (good)

(and creates it

--------------------of ideas
-------------------of something)
Why are you not yourself?
---Because you are in Exile.
-From the source
---The Creative power of the Universe.
The power
------that created
-that which it was not.
-----To experience itself.
--For you.
-----To experience Yourself.

-What are you?
----You are this.
-You are
-----the creative Power
---of the Universe.
This is your adventure.
-Welcome home.
-----For this is it.
When you know
----When you know.
--For this is wonderful
I'm only just being born
---into myself
we're only just being born
You bear it
--On your

---Here for.
newspaper spines
--run through the contains
of narrow rails
Whenever you're in a big flow of people
--going the same way
you're probably doing the wrong thing
------ people.
---many things misplaced
field of vision,
-------field of dreams
first comes the truth,

-then the reasons why
we get tired
-------glaze over
---------------the wonder

learn yourself
learn the world
present, -reality

----past and future reflections






we're all imperfect perfect

come alive
-----------with me
Relaxing back to meet you

-that which is self aware
----and unchanging
----I woke up this morning...
-------I woke up this
I woke up this
you float through fetters of your own being,
-----careening love into me
-If in nature-
-----in trees- in sunlight on trees wave winding sounds-
----------I see God
--------------------(which I do)
then there
------is no question
-----that God exists.
-God exists.
-------As the creative power
------------------of the universe
--And to align yourself with this
--------------------is wonderful
--it becomes simple

(and any more than that is just too much)

-it's all been leading
--------------to now
we are working towards

--that is the way
-----it has to be
-because that is the way
--------------------------it is.

--And I choose
-------to align myself
------------------with that.

You can't have attachment,
----just an acceptance,
---------of what is,
I am getting lighter

Planetary Yes

It's beautiful here
spirit ghost wanderer
snake sword and snowflake
something of love

Block institutions of the situated world
become humans
expressing themselves

Light pink feather fleck floating

But still... it's nothing of me.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

What are we trying to do here?

slip through the game

-work your way through
----------different sets of limitations

Caught in the Crossfire

there is nothing else to do
----------or see
---------or be
----but this...
in the most wonderful way

(and yet still
------we must strive
-------------from time to time
-----for what we know
------------we need
---------------we want).
long live
--the stars in the sky
the people asking
----questions why
do know
--don't know
-coming home
I know you know we don't know
----But what of that, anyway?
Whether truth is communicated or not,
---it is still the Truth
--------(But oh! how wonderful
-----------to align ourselves with it!)
----hard and miserable
-----------'liberated' faces...

I'd rather die
---no regrets
-doing what I love
maybe consciousness itself
-----is about not knowing
---all the answers.

--Science itself
------cannot be argued
----because science
-------presents the terms
-----------of the argument.
---(It is the argument).

--It can only be(,)
----------left alone
If my freedom
---------is limited,
--it's through me
illumination & spiritual liberation-
---expanding consciousness
---Out into the Universe
--rather than scratching the surface
of many areas, I need to
learn about the depths of life
Until we wake up-
----we're just suspended-
--doing nothing
A dislike of something (or someone)
-----is most likely a misunderstanding
-Life overflows
---the form
through which it is expressed
'Surrender' is
---giving ourselves up
--------to the Truth of our existence
-The biggest ambition
-----------you can have
---is not for the future
-but to live
-----the best possible way
-------------you can
------------Right Now.

Then, the future comes
------(and in the best possible way)
-The collected works
--of a disconnected mind
=----no answers
my door is closed
--it's reflected in the sky
There's a slit of light
--And I enter

Monday, 17 August 2009

quiet ecstasy
-----is often mistaken
--for deep sadness.

----just maybe, (somewhere- on some level)
-they are much the same thing
let's make up
---a true story
the magic
-----of the magic
--is the magic reborn

---------come home
-----------come home
-------------come home
Love is the glue
---that binds us
-to our original whole

It is the force
---that binds us
---------as we are

-in eternal light



and this is the meaning of
-----'for ever'

for being the offering
------the eternity

--we're revering

The love we bring, to the love we know.
lightness of form,
-lightness of concept
You can't communicate
---the incommunicable

When you're talking
-----------with someone who knows,
-you can talk about the unknowable-
-----Because they know,
-------they recognize your signposts.

But when
--------you're talking
---with someone who doesn't,
-----------they don't
-and there is misunderstanding
stars or
----specks in the window
Unless you are this power of belief,
-----how do you expect it to come to you?
The world doesn't stop for you,

--the degree to which we 'Sin'
is the degree to which
----------we see ourselves
------as separate and disconnected
You can't explain
----a feeling

Love does not die
To live life in love as an example to that which you believe
--'spiritual person'-
-----the whole concept is a farce-
that's because it's not a concept
---but a way of being.

I realise
--you can't be persuaded.

Whether people believe them or not
--ultimate truths exist.
-There is no need to defend them.

-but for silence,

These realisations
---------------are good.
chemical balance
The Battersea
----power station
--look like
-------a tetris game
subtle shades of crimson dancing

subtle shades of children asking

You could always be wrong,
---------crystal(line) vision

--patches of sunshine sky
ephemeral and passing,
----thanks to children asking
There is meaning
---in whatever you find
-to bring meaning to

who built these cities?
---We do, now,
-with every decision we make

the body knows
--First there was Be

---then consciousness



becomes aware of itself.
immensely positive

boundless tradition

I'm a mirage to you
as you are to me
There are
------different levels

What works on one
--may not work
--------for another
--dream within a dream

-the message pending
----------------there, coming...
God is you is you is God forever.
Come back to Yourself
Come back to Yourself to know this

through language and thought

perfect imperfection

God is yourself realized
only the prison walls
-------I've made for myself
The Universe is alive with me

if it doesn't grow
probably best not to eat it

If you can't see God
in something
(person place or thing)
you just need to
change your point
of view

You may be well informed
but you don't

I laughed.
This is the Divine at play
--flies in to
You are beautiful.
-You are a cunt.
You are beautiful too.
packing up sun
----sky heavy clouds
Become who you are.

come back to Who You Are.

We have to know our Selves
and then go out and relate.
This is not chance.
This is the will of God in action

from within
to without (outside)
know yourself,
know God

One within
One without

Upon One
upon One
upon One

until we live in God,
our own desire
is our own demise.
The way we choose to grow
is the way we destroy ourselves
(until we live in God)

(we will,
which we will,
which we will)

"For as we see reality, so we act
and as we act, so we shape reality"

One animation


Wow! big truth!
big truth!

We are God
And enlightenment is
seeing God in the things
you find seeing God in most difficult

like the dreadlocked wasters
on a trip they thought they knew,

people dancing
in banging techno worship
It's almost like
if they make enough noise,
they'll bang through
(to the other side)
but would seep through easier
in the calm and silence
if it was only
to be.

But no complaints,
no complaints-
This is the experience of God too...
in one thing or another
all this
the experience
of God
as God the whole
through the experience of this, God is everything
and this love is bliss
held back
the perfect

(not just because the perfect is not real)

but because
it's absence
is my growth.

We can only grow
through imperfection
without it
is nothing to hold on.

(just the perfect orange yellow golden ball of light)

Thank you for showing me
There is no perfection here
just strokes of life
and perfection
-----is a false promise
----------(comes) from within

realising this
--------realising this

-I'm realising this.
There is nowhere
nowhere better
than here and now
with me
being be
save me from what I want.
For we don't really know what we want.
We want it. We get it. That's not it.

We are pushed along in a dream
before we even know it.

Only when we tune in
to existence
to being alive-
to that moment now,
wherever it is,

only then
are we fully alive
and can say
that we
have been

And I am alone again.
The body it fades.

crossing the road to save 10p.

The world is alive
and teaching those
who want to learn
(and those who don't, too,
in a perhaps less beautiful way)

nations assert themselves
(as they) break down


There is nowhere to
and nothing to do
in a wonderful,
wonderful way

different lives we live by
How many versions of the same!

A traveller is not an image
a traveller is a traveller

parasites on/of the Earth
collective patch here

This is the fucking dream.
This is not it.

It's good to grow old,
through passing stages
and be aware- feel- the procease.

Wind turbines
calm majestic serene

Anything's possible
and nobody cares

'Beautiful soul'

All shouting
no substance

something that for a short time is heaven
for a long time would be hell

It's all relative
and transcending that.

In fact,
to reach God
is to transcend
from within.

Dream fragments
tell me of my day (to come)
willful refugee camp

pressure, force and motion

another notch/ on the belt/ of experience
rivers running deep
--through eyes
-midnight city sky
--doni doni

the soul grows bit by bit
I don't want to go anywhere
---and I want to go everywhere
---------with you
fading people

compromise and communication

fine line
--between life and death
------------every moment

Saturday, 15 August 2009

-what we choose to think
----the world chooses.
-For we are the world.

There are facts and facts realized.

-nnature speaks
--------to me
------my conversation
-Out of the crisis...
---comes this...
Spiritual this...
------will take us
across the galaxies.
--------Not spaceships.
-And if spaceships,
---spaceships of consciousness,
Spaceships of Light
--spaceships of knowledge
of our capacity
---to build spaceships
of spaceships
----------------of Light-
-take us anywhere
--will take us
-------------across the galaxies
"Science is the mind's
---understanding of the
-process of creation" is always stuck in the
stage the mind is stuck

--But there
-------are futures
-------------to be had

-and creation
--------to be riding

Consciousness will save us
How much of this belief is mine
-----and how much the march of the universe?
---And where the distinction, between the two?
It's funny how
----we all
-----selfish individually
--go about
expectation and
-If someone's offering you
-----it's false.
You are not going to be
------by anything
-----------out there

"We are the universe in person"

----its purpose is its path

-life is already immortal
---It's just a case of what you identify (life) with

-------sex and death

----awareness in action


running along
----------the sea beach front
right next to the sand sea divide

Mountains one side, ahead,
---------turned back
we get pulled down the line to love.



--heading back in


music is just noise
----------to the silence

--(But may-
--------at best-
-hint at its glory)

--(in a way that is closer to-
--and perhaps more accessible than-
-------------the silence
------------------------at the time
what is there
--but this?
what is there
---but this
what is there
---but this.
God says:
--"Find yourself
-and find me with you"
I know these learn these
---to point
--at points of familiar
------depth of deepening moment
Away from perfect quiet,
-------at least something's happening
-People- myself included-
----find it easier
to see their failings
----------as something
If you are
----playing anything
-you are also
------being played
-----by it
Only false promises
------can be marketed
the music (still) goes on
---------------without me

-My attendance
---------------is not necessary
--------------------------------to that
those who offer you something
-----------have nothing to offer
grey sky,
---grey sky heavy
--we are all spaceships.

we are only just
---------------being born

Across all scales,
-----moving from outside to within
what was happening
-----------------to me
-before I was born?

-Can I watch the sky
---------------as I sleep?
-----bits of scattered lives,
---what is there but this?

-----the body fades
-------------------and falls

one thing
------for lack of another

----lack of another
---------------for one thing

--beach, balls
----and bouncy castle

Sunday, 2 August 2009

----------throwing out
-------solar flares
------of our sun

-------of our sun
-----throwing out
-------------solar flares
-------of our sun

---throwing out
------solar stars
------------of our flares

--throwing out sun
-------throwing out flares

throwing out solar flares
--------of our sun