Monday, 30 November 2009

Words dissolve
----when you
-------------read/ them
--------------speak/ them
----------------hear them
-----------------substitution table


------------tenses 2- past future
--------------tenses 3- past present future

--------------Constructing our time away

--------------------------------doing the verb
------------------------------------doing the verb
-----------------------------------------------the verb




-------------------voice goes up
-----------------------to eyes for question


I understand words so much I can barely use them

---Contradiction and misguidance
------------------------------on an unstable base. Constructed
---------------------------------------The words are almost filling
-------------------------------------------the lines on my face.
--------------------------------------------Prising them open
------------------------------------------communicative cracks
----------------------------------------------knocked open
--------------------------------------------by your words of mixed messages
------------------------------------------------Because of you
-------------------------------------------------------------because of us
------------------------------------------------------and because of me
---------------------------------------------I understand words so much
---------------------------------------------------------------------I can barely use them.

--------------------------------No point speaking
------------------------------when the pipes are leaking

--------------------------------No point speaking

------------------------------------------------No point speaking
----------------------------------------------when the pipes are leaking

------------------------------------------------------no point speaking


-----------------------------------------------------------------------Time to agree
----------------------------------------------------------------------because it's easier

-----------------------------------------------------------------------state it is so


--------------------------------------------------------------------state it as so
all prejudices
---------are misunderstandings
---I love you.

What's your name?

---Open the door
it went away to come back again
we're all
----saying the same thing
--It depends where
you draw the category,
-----where you draw
---------------the word

--Analyse it
--------into the ground
------to come back
--and destroy
--------the sky
---you sought
---------to understand
everyone's scared
---------------of what they don't know
there is nothing,
---Only the seasons passing
---------(like the clouds...)...

*existence, the Universe, The Great Mystery...

-there's nowhere to go
---and nothing to do
because we're there already
---and God* is doing all of it
dripping hands
----of shifting sands
---------------of time
Anything is possible-
----because we exist!
------------------(And that's the most impossible thing ever!)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

light of the (unborn) setting sun
why do I(,)
-night sky
I don't know,
---but I think we might be saying
--the same thing
--Our language is shared
-----but embodies

-------Life is a contradiction
but necessary fulfillment
--------------------to the Source.
--Everyone seems awake today
Or maybe it's just me
----"Maybe it's time
-------for an eyesight
----post storm morning clouds.
We think we're bigger than the Earth
--until the Earth shows us its true dimension
everybody's doing something
----------nobody knows why
---think I'll just sit a while,
-----------------look at the sky...
---Man is all things unto himself
Such is the nature of God
--------This is a Truth
---------------(and a misunderstanding)
not a cloud in the sun-lit sky

--grey skies to blue
--------the sun
----------the sun!
----Thank you, the sun

the sun shining on the silver clouds (trim)
Safe as houses falling down
Live life as an example / to that which you believe
-----------in order to become / that which you believe

creative writing course: lesson 1 (of 1)

do your own thing,
-----------do your own thing


Universe, you are beautiful
And I am beautiful because I am a part of you

So many stars tonight
clear sky
To Feel MySelf as the Universe Unfolding

THAT is life
And JOY is a chance
---waves coming
-------up to the front stage see
crowds of nothing
-----------cloud the grey at me

stormy communication

---words coming in skew
----find their way
----from me to you

muddying waters
close to shore
breaking out horizons more

--The impossibility of existence-
---------------------And yet
The clarity with which we exist

stay with you

don't lose yourself
--to some ideal

-stay with me
---stay with me
-----stay with me

-don't lose yourself
--to some ideal
All you hygiene freaks are sick
seagull soars
Science has taken us this far
------(which has been necessary)
---but spirituality
---------------will take us further
---------------------------(to the stars)
you don't need to know the name of things
--------to know what to do with them
Words fail
--when they don't fall apart
--------------------(in front of you fall
-----------------------------and fade away)
the lines in my hand
----the river
---won't last

(broken down)

break it down

of time

cities on the rolling sea


love is letting go...
---learning the words
---------I know
---looking back and looking through
-----------looking as I feel for you
-----A choice of giving
---------------road of living
---------------------flowing ever on
music growing
----------people singing
-----------------------something of this song.
Age and fades
Be flexible.
-----Sometimes the wind blows
Be free,
---------kind soul
---way home
-----hills of lights and darkness

You construct it very well
-----but there's nothing of it
---And it's not there

This is a beautiful place,
------A beautiful place.

the big
--highlighted in the small
-------------leaving a locality
-------leaving the whole
------And leaving as dying
----------the death at the end.
if the frame you're making
------------isn't working
-----choose to see things differently
we're negotiating worlds
----And we don't even realise
-------------------we're doing it
As you believe
So it is so
clothes stores
-----selling rags of our meanings
---to each other

---------I walk past
------------I walk on past
----------I walk past
space time greys

Grass Verges and Cliffs

---eagle face sweep down
----------to relationship
------apex roofs
-------------------and cross havens
travelling houses
---------------------------and arrows
--------sometimes contained
-----------------------on the same sign
in the same breath in the same line
---------Nothing to refine
--------------------but everything
----------------down to the sea.

--Lanterns of lights unopened
--------fences that fell to the end
---beaches sitting empty
---------------------to pretend
waves wash waves wash waves
--------------white and grey
--man walks sea gull soars
----------------------car breaks down
------water cascades
---------------------gone away

... like a breath

--Life is
-Piss and shit too.
---(Which is why modernity is false)

Life is an ongoing process
------like eating and shitting...
--which is why you can never finish
-------------------all your tasks and never will.

---------Only a semblance,
------------------------------of a place to stop

--------------------------to visit
The time is half past something gone
--everyone knows each other already
We're just negotiating
if not in relation
---hello people,
-------we are so sad

making shadows on walls
-----for which we are glad
-Maybe we both know
that it just IS.
more here
I'm hardly even here
---we'll play music of colours
---------------------------in keys white black and red
sing songs of the feelings
---------------------of the thoughts in our head
things that have a bearing on everything
---------------------that mean nothing
w-e --- a-r-e

---free agents of the modern world
people dropped off
-----------at bus stops
----go their different ways
people on the bus
-------plugged into
------------------------worlds apart

I, Love, you

there's beautiful (everything)
-------and particularly beautiful
---because it knows the Beautiful
------------and is it

which is the Infinite,
--------------------which is everything
the sea is a land
---------------made whole
stars revolving
-----in the spotlight dangled sky

-There's nothing to worry about.
beauty of a rose.
----rose rose
when the summer sun
----------comes busting down
-----the winter sky
--------------------it might be time
----------------------------------to cry
patchwork cloud sorcering moon
This is not Far Out stuff,
---This is very
-------------------close to home ...
---Time is a fiction-
-Eternity is
Immortal Life
----is here and now
-And here and now
--------is Always
-----(And Forever)
When you know Life
----I think You know all Relationships
--Are important ----- and Passing
----until we love ourselves
--as only we are.

con - tact .

--Walking along the darkened shore
(inland) I see people darkened
--------by the illumined lights
sea gull
-like a UFO.
shifting hands
-of the shifting sands
-----You can't force the Universe.
But you can go with it
-----------kind soul-jer
--------------------and find your way
---When you realise
----------there is nothing in the way
(No point you need to reach
--------to move on from)
---You realise
-------there is only Now
And you are Alive!

---We are a funny
-bunch of humans,
-------------(and apart)
beautiful sunrise clouds

we are elementary
--Who knows,
-----Who knows.
-----Love is Love
-----Life is Life
-Love Life Love
Moon, I bow down to you,
----you crazy ole cheese in the sky
tracing circles of the universe
----with my finger
-on the ball of the soles
-----------of my feet
Lights mark the path,


---Fun, yeah.
------But also an
-----image of fun...
A fantasy limited
-----------(by its singular expression)
-----------------as such-
----An imagination
-------------------presented forms
---------thoughts and a limited future
----------------------------As such
---Words and ways
--------------of livings.
---------to ends
-----------------apart from
---------------------------us (/ourselves)

small encounters meaning

--One life perspective
-----is but a part
---of the wholeness
-life perspective
----that's happening here
all of us
---drawing in- through
--for the Life-
return to the Source,
-----we are always there

Monday, 16 November 2009


morning moon


-----both low

----------I walk


---Bus stop

---------morning blue

-----bird flock flies

---every letter could be
------------To he point
--------------------where nothing

-----A lot going on-
-------------plane lights
--white red
-----------flash explosion
one here
---across the horizon
-there are many events
-----------------mean nothing
-------------very little
-----------------------to the stars.
--Guns and bombs
------------I think of now
and I think of futures
---moon sun stars

Go forth.
--Go where?
-Go forth
the environmental crisis
------is primarily a spiritual one-
-A question of Oneness

----------What will be
-------------------our answer.
dialogue with the moon

hub of the wheel

hold the mountain slowly
We're Here
--To Live To Love To Learn