Sunday, 12 December 2010

it's funny how people
get caught in certain viewpoints

and they won't let themselves get out of them

because they won't read the books
go to the events

or make the experiences

that viewpoint

it's crazy funny
how we get caught
in these loops of the mind-
or roads we've taken
one way
blinkered to all others
that road loops its way inside you
along the path
because really
the path is just the

Loops of the Mind

scratching around
on the surface


MeANderi said...

Or maybe people don't let go of their viewpoints because they don't get quiet, sit in Silence, embrace the Mystery and let the words fall away... :) Christine

benjamin said...

Loops and more loops.

Nathan said...

Yep, meditation is certainly about (if it's 'certainly about' anything!) tapping into a space away from the limited self-reinforcing loops...