Thursday, 23 September 2010

where is


benjamin said...

where matter is.

Nathan said...

where is matter?

benjamin said...

let me think ... รต_~ where space is? ^o^

Nathan said...

Yeah... but I guess I mean... sometimes I look at this space and matter and can't place it. Where is it?! I don't know man, maybe I'm not making sense. Maybe that's good.

benjamin said...

I know what you mean, i was just pulling your leg! :)
Physics show that time-matter-space are one, so if you consider the bigbang (accepting for a minute there is such a thing as a "real" world out there that exists beyond consciousness), space was and is just as vast as where the big-bang is. There is no "beyond" the universe, where there is no thing, there is no space and vice-versa. In fact, it kind of makes space "a thing". Properties and things are not very different in the end.
But of course all this requires a knowledge of physics, it's not really relevant, it's just another bunch of thought. Seeing this with mere senses though is something else.

Mike said...

Somebody once said:

"From the beginning not a thing is".

Once that is seen we can relax and enjoy the party. And *what* a party!


Nathan said...

True, Mike... very true.

So why at times can I not relax and enjoy the party? Why can't I/won't I let myself sing this truth from the rooftops with wild abandon? Why do I still box myself up in the day-to-day world like everyone else seems to do?

I feel like I know these things... these things you, Benjamin and I enjoy sharing, expressing in words... but if I can't let go and celebrate it through consistent lived experience, putting it into action out there in the world, then maybe on some deeper level I don't know these truths at all. Understand what I mean?

benjamin said...

Perhaps you should question this assumption. Perhaps it has nothing to do with what you see the body doing and nothing to do with what the mind thinks. The mind merely reflects what you know through Knowing, the reflection of the moon on water is not the moon.
But would you find the moon, that too would not be what you are.
If you see Nathan walking around, doing things of the worldly, thinking "i am boxing myself up like everybody else", then say hello to him and let him do what he has to do. If you take yourself to be Nathan, how will he listen to you? :)
You've enjoyed the party so far, a party where Nathan was invited (even though anxious for a moment).

Mike said...

I really feel where you're coming from Nathan.

There is also this apparent 'contradiction' in me too. I want to scream this from the rooftops but I don't. What do I do? Well, so far, I just get on with 'my life'. Things happen, plans are made or changed. I have recently been working as a temp in a 9-5 office job for the civil service surrounded by people who are not at all interested in THIS. Why should they be? Most people I know aren't.

So I hide my interests for them. I hide it all, keep it all to myself unless i'm asked a direct question about it, which is very rare!

So there's a feeling that I really want to express this, thru talking and writing (i'm currently trying to write a book - although this is just another project for the mind)but there's also the quiet seeing that THIS does not need to be spoken about. It Speaks for itself. Its happening NOW. it is NOW.


So why raise my voice?

Well, why not? I guess.

With my 9-5 job and the new relationship and circumstances I find myself in have thrown up a lot of stuff that has been...interesting.

Frustration and embarrassment, insecurity, doubt and past stories. The mind has been reacting to all of these circumstances because it thinks it's ENLIGHTENED or something...

If i'm Enlightened then why is there reaction? Why does this FEEL so gritty again?

But to really react against these feelings is to make a new division even tho we have seen the divisions do not exist.


But it's just not REAL.

Any label placed on experience divides it.

Since seeing this I have had daily opportunities to see how my mind/emotions work. They catch me, yet they are empty. They seem to divide, yet there is only Oneness.

All of this earthiness is pure light. Relaxing into it, no matter what arises is Oneness.

It can appear that there are divisions between THIS and the mundane world. But this is just another trick. There is no division.

There is no box and no-one to box up. There is only what's happening.
To surrender into the happening is freedom, unknowing and intimacy.

Now, i'm just trusting what happens as it happens. No pressure, just a certain lightness, whether I keep quite, scream underneath bridges or just stick with the 9-5 2.4 Kids is not my job to create or avoid.