Sunday, 20 February 2011

a good teacher
gives you the words
as you can handle them
everyone's distracted

let's stop being

---still the urge to comment
---------and yet
away from the commentary
--------------------to Life.

feel like I've reached a stage now
-------where it's just a case of

---------------Let go

-----------let go

--------------------Let go...

-e.g. in life,
---------and in meditation
----as I sink/ ascend
----------------into/ with
------------The Divine/ God
My writing has a theme now-
--------one that
------------the end of
-------my writing.

God Love Life Joy Living :-)
Enough of this
--Be with Life
-Nowhere else.
--------Be with

Who are we?

In the distance

we have become distant

and distanced ourselves from God
Got my

--Who needs the dream

---------I'm ecstatic in


-----in this


There's a dream

but I can't see anyone living it.

So much for the dream

One Body

clues to Myself
all around me

because around and in
they are not
Moon energy.
---When you're blocked
---it intensifies the Insanity

and when
------you're open
---you can see
-the Clarity
---The body exists
--------for as long
as the separation
-And when we realise
-----the separate body falls away
and the energy
---------we always knew was there's


-And we are swimming

-------------------Love Abide

Friday, 18 February 2011


----------removing us from Life.


-------------in the name of simplicity

-----removing us from Life
Full Moon Passing.

Universe I Am Yours

God I am yours.
I want to be free

what do you want to be free of?

My own unnecessary compulsions

My own unnecessary

judgements and assumptions
perception of oneness
-----liberates you in Oneness
lack of perception of oneness
-----------denies you of
--------this liberation
exclude the exclusions
make efforts to align yourself with God
and he helps you align with him
The Soul knows.


to trust it.
elevated directions/guidance

Family God-Self One

We learn how to imbibe
-and then we can share
we can't see/prove
----but we can know
We increase our fortune
----------------by sharing it


--stepping out
---------of the limited
-----to Create the new
eyes outside
-what we don't have
----when they could be
do have
simplicity-,-- depth any language
language is there
------------to express something
-----Self Responsibility

---Growing Tree

Still I see

-------the moving

production is a disease

-----do your real work
lots of little light dot speckles


in my vision
like the paths you take

------as only you can do
clues - in - your

small awakenings
(in big parts of town)

follow the subtle pathways
step with your feet

not with your

sparkle baby accolades
contradiction is only apparent in a conflicted mind
enjoy the flow of life
as it flows into me
and I flow into it
saw a woman standing - shop --- 'moonlight'

then saw the moon --- didn't think before.

So I followed the moonlight watching
Your world view informs your decisions
No one in fear will attain anything worth having
-----------------------------------------(in ultimate terms)

God Mind Appreciation

why in your right mind would you not appreciate this life?

I guess that's the thing.

Only people who are not in their right mind
-------/when we are not in our right mind

do we not appreciate life.
everything falls into place

because our pathways of karma

have led me here

The reality of life is here & now

It's not in some concept somewhere

distortions of experience

you can be bad
but you can't 'Be' with a capital 'B' bad...

Only distort your Being

dust covered eyes
God is in control.
------The ego is jealous of that
---and tries to be in control
Spiritual Path... life governed by God

--from material service
--------------to Divine Humanity
--'This is the reality I've created
--------------------------------of me'


--'This is the reality I expect
the world to approach me with'
-------------(and get violent/upset when it doesn't
-----------------------------------------work that way)

we always have choice

--we're holding up an impossible world
----and we get upset when it all falls down
--(we are limited, can't see the whole picture
---------------------------------------------------'til we're not)
You have to be it to become it
Mind... bring it in line
--------------------------with the heart Spirit
Yes... There's only one energy
-and we transform/distort/
-------limit/express it...

-unconscious dreaming

Now I half expect
------this world to fall away
----around my ears
-------------and there to just be
---------pure expansive love
------------------------------me, no me... expansive

Thursday, 17 February 2011

when you lose your sense
of identity
to something
that is not you

Identity lost in image.

Fall into the image
and you suffer

an emotion,
energy in

we talk in linguistic terms,
we talk in duality.

know your choice
and choose.

Nothing to lose
because we can't
possess anything

trying to hold,
creating fear

I have nothing
to lose
because it is
not mine.

And I have everything already

Because I am everything, in the Kingdom
of God

Industry of

As you perceive,
so you

perception is your reality

My job is freedom.

Better make it full time.

2 sources of love together
you get Creation.
First the realisation -->

then we free
-Love energy
--by attachment, memory etc.

we never lose God...
only awareness of God...
I can only give
---when I've realised
------what I am.
I only know what I am, Love,
---when I give you away
We are Love

We Create Life

we already
----know these things
--they're just buried in the darkness
---under these

no-one wakes us up but ourselves
see the illusion

see it fall

Self Responsibility.

-control & controlled


-"fear is the energy of love distorted"

-Love covered
---with the objects of
thoughts distorted
----------------------by that...
--then off
-------in a big
---story of

---Wake up!
stepping down




-From theory to practice
first expectation
of the other
is the first

connection flow now
memory breaks
the memory
who isn't the person

Love the Fantasy

Reality Vs Ideality

reality, distances,
breaks the flow)

Love is flow, not boxed
Pushing & pulling

The remedy...

accept as is.
Soul level connection
-----lost the awareness
-so we seek
-----seeking to find
--what we don't know
---------we've lost
---and have
--> privatisation

(-boxing in
I'm learning, God,

---------I'm learning.

--And God...

--------I love you.

Monday, 14 February 2011






food clothing shelter
water, love...

all the rest is
cultural distortion.

(ours is lack)

Ultimate Perception

-The whole
--------the whole
You've got to
---learn to be

-Or at least
--not to be


the body is the
----------ego's friend
--because of its separation
see --- others

as --- a --- part --- of





we all have our contexts

You can only know (/recognise)

what's already in your comprehension.

We must be missing a lot, no?
Live in action
--before the thought
-comes in

that moment

-----where the wave turns

--in on itself

our own journey

alone we journey,
-journeys shared...

you can't drag
---with you
These words
the tiles of your path
back Home.

Step truly. Step surely. Step with the truth of your surety.

Your path is narrow
and certain
and walking strong
walls crumble (at your sides)
with each

for walls can't stand

to your

open heart
very easy
--to fall in love with
people who open up
----you open up with
-----so much.

----------LOVE :-)

---Tell it like it is, Love

----------Like This,


Whatever you do,
-----do you do it from a position of lack
---or abundance?


if the light is on

------it shines
---through the curtains
If I reject anything,
--I reject God.

(i.e. excluding anything
--------is excluding
-------the totality --- that is God)
beautiful souls
---(realised and not)
-that make the world
---to know yourself,
------to know God
and Create
-----------On Earth
-----see perfection, shared

inviting Love

--------to our resthouses


---where the rest

-------------------comes in

freedom, subverted

i.e. we have an idea of freedom,
--------and we pursue it

-------------------------in a compromised/ distorted sense,

---------------for the real
prophet teachings
--and destroyed
Whatever happens,
------this is (the) Life.
----And only (,beautifully)
---------------------------------This :-)

Time fades away

Time seems to have

the future comes
before it comes

in subtle realms
anticipating futures

the past
the present...

I'm coming to a real
of time

Sunday, 13 February 2011

---Our thoughts
------block the flow
-----of our experience God One Universal

and yet
-----it is our
----that allow us to have
---I want her
------is about me
not relationship.
Pure Peace
that tears this world open

from the shell
-------------come back
---once you've had
your fill of
The mind
--out of the allegiance
-to the separated things
it thinks
--------are real
pass through
-without unnecessary clutter
whilst still
-------fully in
we need them

but we can
get trapped in

Be careful.

They are merely
a springboard
to experience...

that is all...

and all that :-)
---------our thoughts

-So the world
----we mirror ourselves in

------------sees us as we are-

we see it as --- it is

----the world is
------------one thought...
---(that is the point we are reaching)...
That of
we see through our
The more
---Soul Conscious
---you become

------the more
---you can create
that world of

---and the more
-----you can
----see it.
--It's there, it's there,
-----open your eyes

----(and open your eyes
--------------to it).
There is purity... and visions of purity...
beyond the suppressions and release,
beyond our current dualities
By the sea-
----remembrance of Beauty-
-True Sound
body consciousness
pulls you back
5 elements
of you
to its

say yes now

if you're

--------ready to go to heaven
you'll paint a
------------of it (now)

...metaphors metaphors metaphors, symbols symbols symbols

everything is PURE
--(Ha! Therefore can't be described*...
so we resort to symbols and metaphors)

------------------and get lost in them

*description is the first removal

fake birds

---natural music
------trees and
-----in natural rhythm,
when we're in
--------------natural rhythm.

----we have
--------all sorts of
-------------in our music now
to fit the
---in our mind
separation only exists
----in the Illusion
--and not even then.
---Only boring people
------------------get bored...
and talk of it
---call after call
-------on their mobile telephone communications
--that- bless them they don't know it-
------------is pouring negativity
------into themselves
there are many people
--------just like you

--But there are not
---------many people
-Who ARE you
Drawing me in
Into the Divine

There are messages for me

(Because my projections
----------------------------Everywhere also

---And beyond projection
I am

---------THE ONE :-)
---We pick up
------from where we left off

-------in places,

Spiritual Growth.
---Spirituality is about being
------where you are now.
it doesn't matter what
-------------------stage you're at.

------It doesn't matter.

--To be effortlessly
------right where you are.

--------------Isn't that something
---to aim for,
--------------to aim for?
--------is a topic doesn't work
---away from Home

waveform waves

break through what I

---which is not so scary
-------------once I've
break through what I
---which is not so scary
-------------once I've
break through what I
You know that feeling... when you've had
a therapy, or been pampered
and you come out feeling
everything is well with the world?

Well, it's because everything- at that moment
is well in

What better testament
to the fact
that as you
So You See
The World

My Highest Respects...

-----Who didn't teach me
---much about
but a lot about

By Karmic Good Fortune

---------You come to the doors
----when you are ready to open them
Once you've learned
-------------what you need
---------------------------to learn
-----------------------to get through
----is not just something you have
-or don't have.
-------It's something you
-to cultivate
--------or not.
-----(Like most things,
---to come back
You cannot manipulate
the Law of Karma.

In any way.
It is foolproof.

another hypothetical conversation

"Is chi not a cosmic energy?"

"It's all cosmic...
We are cosmic beings...
Here because the cosmological process
willed us here.

The whole
cosmological process
that we are
an undeniable part of.

(If you see correctly- which is the
Only way to really SEE at all).
So why make the Distinction.

Why tear the worlds apart?

Are we not
here and now?

Maybe not.
Maybe that's why we're having
this (imaginary) conversation
in the
first place.
---Spiritual Vision
(see the world with)
---Spiritual Vision
recognising the Spirit
brings it to life...
and the
Spirit Alive
in people
is True


kid on a father's shoulders, walking past (me on a bench)

"Big flying towers"
-----what do they do in their big flying towers?"
Slow down to Love,
---------slow down to Love
God is unhappy
-----when there's no love amongst
---------------------his brothers and sisters.
No false preconceived notions
---of what I can and can't
------------------------say to you

---I don't know you
---------------so I feel
-------I can tell you anything, almost anything
-----Death to the illusion...
-----------As only there can be/
---------------------------------will be.

Its whole premise - -its whole
------------------operational system
-------------IS death.

-------Life is Life.
The stiller you are
----the bigger the ripples you make
---through your thoughts words and actions
our neuroses
-------that keep us going,
---keep us
----I see all the arguments rest on the
body consciousness or soul consciousness?
----The problem of Spirituality
is that it is discussed
-----in the realm of the material. Language.


from body consciousness (unreal)
-or Soul/God consciousness (Real)
---------When no-one is paying attention
----------------------------------------to matter
--------------------------------------it is random.

Only when consciousness
-----------is applied to it
---------is there organisation.

-----body & matter
------------come together
---------because of the Soul.
Pixeline dispersion.
Auras on the birds
These lines that seem to follow life.

like the pixelated birds

creaky chairs
and incense
My words / realisations
------telling me things
---I need to know
our thoughts
(of the ego) are based
on the original error of
the separation
they seek
and were made
to uphold.
We can choose
----to live
--in time
Q. "for what purpose do you travel?"
A. "for what purpose do we live?"

Monday, 7 February 2011

matter won't last
(but it's beautiful now)

matter won't last
electronic matter
won't last
even quicker
Ah man.
Often I feel
I am a lie to myself,
and so am distorting
the beauty of sincerity
of my own self for others.
But at least now
I have a better idea of why this is-
Because I am not myself
whenever I have a thought
based on the premise/assumption
(of the ego)
that I am separate,
that power lies outside,
that what I need lies outside.
A thought where there is separation at the root
(i.e. a false thought,
an illusion...
the type of illusion that dreams are made of)
The trace of a memory
of paths trodden (over time)

Stagnant energy
in cafes
Earth Spirit Children
We are not bodies...
We animate bodies
An argument for God?
God doesn't need an argument

Are they... ?

most people are unhappy
because most people are fucking insane.

(and insane people don't know
------------------------their insanity)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

You Get What You Give.

You Get What You

I love you The Sea
The Sea, you are in me
We are a continuation
----of our Parents' Love,
--going (and coming) all the way back
-------------to the Father
see with eyes of beauty
---and your eyes fill with it
--(as does your world)
You build your walls
like you build your muscles

Snap, piston, snap

Fall, walls, fall
Some people need to come to peace through war.
--------Perhaps we all do
-------------------at some point
It all works out well,
the way --- it all works out well

Saturday, 5 February 2011

What's attractive (to you)
-----is what draws you into
--your true self... hints of God, self, hints
---------------------------------------------------of God
----I'm in Love.
Love is the feeling,
---and I'm in it!
she makes her self up every morning

like a fantasy anew.

Only it was the same yesterday.

Friday, 4 February 2011

knowing, honoring

real energy (sincerity)
--------always goes down well.
It works...
----It is success.
---------like happiness
--------and knowing God
You are the Light of The World
with which to see yourself
--each soul
----learning what it needs to learn
and at its own pace
I love you the sea
And I know you love me
When you've got
-----nowhere to go
--and nothing to do
--------(in a wonderful, wonderful way)
---where do you go
-----------and what do you do?
looking for a dream
I already have inside of me

As Reality!
many are called
few are chosen?

more like

many are called
few choose to listen.
Become pure
So you've got nothing to hide.

Nothing to hide
of what's
--each person
-----develops their own practice
according to their needs
What do you do when

there's nowhere to go
and nothing to do?

Let God
draw you in.
This is not karaoke...
No, this is not prescribed occasion...

This is impromptu standing
on my head
on the
and dancing


There's the World

and the world of things out there.

Unite them.
-----The beautiful impossibility
---of me spread out here,
------at night
------and windy outside
----learning about God
finding my place
----to sit comfortably
--------in the world
There's a way yet to go,
to Infinity.

Into the Unlimited.

And yet,

and yet...
---supermarkets are dehumanising
but in many ways
-------------they're wonderful.
---------When it all
-----------------falls down
----------we'll be wishing
--------------for them back

-------(before the
must we always be
filling up

Everything out there
---is a (poor) substitute
--for what's inside

Relinquish control

-When it gets
----too beautiful
-------you've got to let go
------and let yourself
that beautiful.
---We're scared
--------to let go
--of so many things.
------That's why
we're pulled back
soften. become receptive
When you have Love, what would you give?
---(because in Love,
------------you'd give, wouldn't you?!)
-------any virtue
-----------you have
you don't know
-------you have it.
---it's your mind
until it's God's mind

let go --> receive the new
our mind
keeps buying
into the illusion


we just make excuses,
based on the illusion.
'Master' is the end
-and the means to becoming now

liberated in Life. Free.



so full

"It's a symbol
-----This is all symbols"

'best supplier of poultry'

whose poultry is it
to supply?!

life has no

Any belief based on that
is a lie
-sad poets
---are just people (like anyone else)
on the path to God-
--------not quite
------there yet
--not quite

memories of the body
-------like experience
-------------but the soul lives on
---------in God

Spirit Soul Forever

I like...
I can't stand...
I like...
I can't stand...
I like...
I can't stand...
I like...
I can't stand...
It doesn't matter!
There's no difference!

It's all the same in the Soul World-
As Is.

And that's the only world

All the rest
is separated thought forms
held, in passing matter
we confuse

truly, deep down

no confidence
--in things
-I don't believe in
Such material emphasis
------in this world-
---make up to the brim.
-----------Only the brim.
--------Make up to fake up.
This is the Work. The real work.

--------------------Discovering who we are,
------------------------------------discovering who we are...
You get tired- the mind gets tired.


Because of all its invention.

The Spiritually aware
sleep less
because they are not inventing.
They are at One and riding with
What Is.
'God' as metaphor
and Reality

but Reality is not a metaphor

and God is very

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

"I love you the sea!"
----pixel birds fly
each Soul
-------is here to learn
--how each Soul
-----------is here
------to learn
The Gurus perceive it directly
so why shouldn't you?
we're all creating our next life
-----------------------------in this life.
What happens when you're home?

It starts again.

So where's the teaching?

Your Soul wants to
to its Lover

Creator God

You, as Creation, are given experience by God in order that you may come back home to him, to your Creator. After you've had enough of playing about out there. After you've had your fill of experience.

He created you in Love, giving you free will to let you do whatever you want. So you do whatever you want. You can go out a long way, but you'll always come back again. He knows you'll return. It's inbuilt. Because nothing else works. There's nowhere else to go.

Choosing to come back to him, as you inevitably will, attests to the majesty of the loop Love experience, and glorifies both Creator and Created... who in coming together realise they were never apart.



"Giving off a flood of Light!"
It all depends on your Soul Urge...
------------where you want to go now...

----and yet...

-----------------BE HERE NOW!
--of the Spirit

(which is already
----forever pure)
--We're all
-----yearning to come
back home
--but when we're home
we'll yearn for experience.
----So just enjoy now, man,
--------just enjoy.

This World.

---A gift
-----of a battlefield
in which to know ourselves

--------to learn
-----who we are.

-We're souls
-------seeking to discover
------------we are souls.
----embroiled in words
--------------------and drama.

--The ambulance playing a song.

----'scraps of life'

the purpose of life, by example.
It's gotta be Love.
-If it's not Love
then it's not there.
In the Spirit time stands still.
In the Present time stands still.

Because the Spirit is Eternal.

Only in material consciousness
are we bound by and subject to
to the clockface we made,
bore into existence.

in voices

---The words are true?
-------Words cannot be true.
----They don't know how to.

They can skirt around
---help point you there
-------and maybe even


---but just lightly,
-------just lightly...
------ever so slightly...

--like the wings of the moth on the bulb

----------before taking you away again.

fingers trace engravings, air expelled --- in voices

--And if you shake them up a little-
-------------------these words,

-----put them in unfamiliar


-then they might
----shed light on-
------help YOU
------------------shed light on

-----what's really going on here.

-what's really going on here
---in a place beyond these

etchings in sand

etchings and sand

etchings and sound

------------in voices
Only Life is Real.
--Life in its purest simplest most natural form
-------------------------------------------------------and rhythms

------(before any of the distortions we've applied)

-Because it contains Spirit Soul (It IS Spirit Soul)...
-------------------------------------The Movement of God.
This world gallery of images.


Doorways to consciousness
-our universe
----exists within
a timeless
------& eternal