Sunday, 28 June 2009

--It is
the degree to which
---your mind's open to it
the first word
said about 'truth'
is the first step down the path of deception,

Just as
the inspiration of the Spirit
free unbound
made incarnate
is the first
removal also.

We are divinity,
once removed
(Before we 'remove' the 'removal')
(or remove ourselves further
through factors of ten)

people pleasing

you try to act how you think they'd like you to
to earn their approval- not for their sake but for yours-
But they see
you are not natural
and naturally, they
When you could have been there, yourself.
complex and simple
separate and interconnected
is and not is
The truth of truth is that it is also false.
---This is this
-but it is also that.
Pieces of paper
with numbers and letters


Wednesday, 24 June 2009


...preparing for futures they'll never have
always futures
taking photos
of the moments
they never knew
they needed
to forget


southern sky
red glow
divine tree life
and wind on me
the sun rises
the sun falls

the sun rises
the sun falls

and people can't live
with contradiction?

Saturday, 13 June 2009

---one day
---there won't be
---a material

I'm just witnessing
-and experiencing
--------------in full


I don't know. And I love

from the beginning of the world over
---step out of what you know.
If you are your mind,
-------step out of the way.
-There's a light
-----and it's trying to shine through
love you
let you
leave behind
the eye
is a sky,
hears the
sound from
the ground


Friday, 12 June 2009

--it all works out
the way it all works out

later I see
---these things I later see

we go as we go
dream like world-

---an array

---of ways

----of doing

moving through
and passing on

passing on
and moving through

I can't believe I exist...

---But I do :-)
theoretically, one day we'll come
to what can be known in an instant
of awareness letting go



will meet science

one day
It's all tied up-
the work, the leisure-
the piss the shit
the work the play
and the holidays.

And until you're outside
you just can't see

defined by the trends
in popular culture
don't want to be


could it




space travelling friends

light speed traveller
---I've seen a couple of you
-over the days night sky
follow the world round,
-----see where you get to

There are many things,
---- the world is beautiful
----captive free

the inner meaning ,
---misplaced outside

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


we're coming to a time
----where 'things' do not exist
-But for the time being,
----------------they do

the social mystery
------held apart
--and uncurls

there's a moon
---------and it's dying

there's a night
-----and it's fading away

full moon

-careless moon
------peppers out sun rays
----without a care

-peppers out rays
-------of sun torn cloud



growing to

--------the (present) point where
-----it exists



-------it did


Sunday, 7 June 2009

-----material things-
-------and corners
------------and unfolds

----I want you rounded total
-----------and free
------in a whole
--------------sort of nothing
----------and about me

------But no,
---------I'm living,
-------it's coming to terms

-----I have

-------------material things.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

the skies rise high
----------over the hills

--to learn,
-----to live.

speckled sky

-shifting leaves
like the shifting sands

--shifting lands
like the sifting seas

---flowering in me





Thursday, 4 June 2009


It's what you do with it,
makes it what it is

when you feel suspicious, you are suspicious
When you feel Love you are Love

and similar things.

think you're not suspicious, you are suspicious
Think you're not love, you are love

You are everything.

Who says the world's
--------not beautiful?

Very absolutes.
whirring about in the name of me

There is only movement
-----Only moving


Whose words do we like the best
and what is the arena anyway?

keep the hope alive
coming up against the same old obstacles,
running over the same old shit

stuff that was

it's just a dream of things
Only the people

are real
that's not what it is,
---that's not what it is at all
--visions of who / I once was
shouting and screaming and
-----balling eyes of
-------------crying out loud

-visions ---aloud
------of ---crying ---out ---earth

--come reach me
-I've got no legs to play the ceiling

give the get the
------------spread the feeling
We can all speak the language
We can all understand what's being said

the spiral galaxy dancing
The tibetan skies are, there

for us to see

wherever it is we stand
I'm going insane with the burden of nothing

the crux of life
----remove (it) from context
---------------and what have you got?

--(80s music,
-------modern life...
-----------------in the future)

----go away
---from context
-----------and find your meaning there

(where the context passing
------------will not negate it
---------------- drift it away)

rabbit and crow friends

dance music love
birds nesting,
fantasy more real

city death drive pull
as human beings we can always find reasons
for why paradise is not paradise.

you can shout off the confusion,
but not the mystery

if the world is a global village,
national flag wavers
are provincial.
the wind brushes my skin,
beckoning my spirit to join it

spur the memory home
red sky
all these words
-are solid thoughts
--just want
we've mapped out the world
but we haven't explored ourselves
because it would seem apparently
we don't have our own hearts and eyes to see
our own legs to move
to where
the story's
sun and pine smell,
forest smell,
bee, butterfly speed
stop to stare
to ponder
to look
your essence
plays of the mind
-----and revolutions
-problems caused
--------by their solutions

perched on ledges (close to the edges) and climbing up

hauled up their harvests
---to canyon walls
-sticks of frames of vertical ledges
--------------- climbing

---sticks of claims
--------------of vertical ledges
------------to the edges,
don't die
with the people who killed you,

the future is Now
bullshit everyone jumps
on the turning tides.
Things carry on
under the sea
and until the shore-ward surge
nobody cares