Monday, 9 July 2012

We Are Awakening! A New Book.

You have it all already. You know it all already. You are all It Already.


What are we talking about here? The Self we are coming back to. Away from the details, the differences, the separation, and the conflict. Towards the Universal Light that holds it all together, that allows our experience to be. But we are not bemoaning the separation. It gives us expression and room for exploration. It brings us into definition. And this is what we are here for. To learn who we are- to come to know who we are.


Who are we? We are the parts, and we are the whole. We are where we came from, and we are where we're going. We're here and now. Consciousness, here and now, experiencing itself. Removing itself from its origins in order to explore, to find out about what it is and what it isn't, what it isn't and what it is. Universal Consciousness in motion. In time and space exploring. In time and space, venturing in and out of itself- but always to come back.


Consciousness can only fragment into details so far- into parts exploring- before it comes back round. Comes back to itself. As we do. Full circle. Because otherwise we fragment ourselves to pieces, blow ourselves away, lost and bogged down in the wrongs and the rights, the ups and the downs, projecting ourselves away in different pasts and futures, striving for meaning where it can't be found, ignoring where it can.


The meaning is in the shared and the Universal whole, directly felt and experienced within, expressed without. Many expressions. One Truth. One Way.


We are the whole Creative Process, in motion coming back to Itself. A Universal Journey of parts, inextricably linked to the whole. Because each one of us is the whole. We are no longer separate. This is the journey of us.


we are awakening...