Tuesday, 26 October 2010

-it's what you are
----and what you're not
----supposed to see

----spirit home
--------and spirit free

spirit mild (wild?)
---and spirit free
--show me what
-----you're s'pposed to be

I am wonderful
-I am free
-I love you
-----and you love me
we live in the world
and the world
------lives in us
love is all there is, man
----love is all there is...

yes, there's piss & shit too

----but love is all there is, man
-----love is all there is

I am not

I am special.
People can't see
People can see
Don't see
Do see. See

But yes... don't dwell on
being special
Don't dwell. Just be. Come as you are. yes. Thank you. Thank you.
--it's not about self-respect
-it's about self understanding
just do it.
it's no
big deal


it is
your own


of what it is
it is

what is it?
what is
wake up

...if you're asleep
that's stupid

if you're already awake
it's nice to see
and maybe you smile
you don't need
to read it.

This is the bind
the bind,
the bind...
The words
-----keep happening.
The realisations beyond
---------the words
-------keep happening.
yes it all
falls away
in the present

if it doesn't
you're not
in the present

you're in
the vestiges
of the mind

the past and present
future spaces
corners of the mind

the ends of the

back-alley stationed corners
darkened pools
and maze endings.

stop points.

But war is no more
when the mind comes together
lets nothing of space
or time
fall apart

the difference united
from lines to circle

from thoughts of many
to the feeling of one

that is all.

And yes,

yes it all
falls away
in the present
and that feeling,
---this feeling-
--that dissolves
------as I put pen to paper,
-or was never
------for pen or paper-

---that feeling,
------this feeling

--is telling me I need to express
----and do these things I need to do,
---that these things are to be
-----------------------always done now


----that I am-
--------when I am-
-------on the right path
And it all falls away
---in the present

-----------so let it all fall away.

--Let it fall away
----and be

---in the present

Monday, 4 October 2010


We are the aliens.
----We came from the stars.

--------We can live here,
-------------------love here,
------But ultimately this is not our home.

---This is not
-------where we

--We came from outer space-
----------inner space outer space-

--We came from the stars
-----and to the stars
----------------we will return