Thursday, 16 December 2010


-----Shut up and listen to me,
---------the poet with nothing to say

--Because in nothing
-------------there may be a something

-------------says something to you

-So shut up and listen to me-
---------the poet with nothing to say

-------coz in nothing
-------------there's a something
------------------------------Speaks voices

-----And maybe in something
-----------there's a nothing
--------------------------------can reach you


MeANderi said...

I hope this doesn't mean that you don't want a comment here :) If it does pardon the intrusion - but I just couldn't help but notice that at the end of your "poem" here - in the last line where it says: ...And maybe in something...there's a nothing.... can reach you. The word "Love" in the right hand margin is what ends this line "can reach you." Don't know whether you planned it that way or not, but it is quite profound. Yes, when we shut up and listen to the "inner poet" we find Love... Thanks for pointing that out :)

Nathan said...

Hi Christine,

Great to receive your comment, they are always appreciated! :-)

Nice observation- I can't say I planned it that way, but you know, sometimes these things just fall into place or arrange themselves in such a way that couldn't have been planned any better!

Keep meandering mystically ;-)