Tuesday, 30 November 2010

-----"Exploring is beautiful"
Yes, it is.

-----It's all karma,
-----------working itself out :-)
window way up high

how did your walls

build you there?
----watch the waters
and watch them fade

the image
-------takes over
-the reality

---the best medium

national expressions
----------------of the same
I strip myself (I already have) (and it continues)
---and everything comes
You've got to make it happen
explain it away
with a word or two

this miracle
that is me and you

... ... ...

go on --- go on, --- go on...
express or die.

And I expressed

---(more or less)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

--by the
the song
----of the
-You're born (You're not)
-You die (You don't)
-The rest you choose... (You don't?)

-------------...is up to

flash back to the. -future

-----crystal beams
---------going across walls
--------------from ceilings
-------------------to meet
Just Remember
--The Love, Man

---Don't forget the Love, man,
---Love is all there is

--And it's not a
-------------wishy washy
-----be as you should be love,
----it's a real tangible
good bad integrated ----- come as you are
-----------------life as you are love
the will to be as I am
-and the need to live together

-------------------(world, compromise)
meant to be
---is the only way
--it can be

Thursday, 25 November 2010

we invent words
-------like minds
---and then try to find
-------------the things
--we've made them stand for
-fires -no

Friday, 19 November 2010

-----making connections

is about

making connections
---No expectations
--------------(Be) (Just) as you are.

Traffic lights,
-------------horizon seas
---------standing under the shelter
-------------------------big rain
--------Bright horizon
--------------like a slither of a dream
----and then the real
-------------------people come out

-------Rain and thunder
--------------to wash away the sea

---The im-

-And how can I have a bad day?
----I see a disabled man in his buggy
--I go down to the sea
---------------slither sky-
-----------watch- --really watch-
------------------------------------the waves

--------a patchwork of puddled
-----------------concrete slabs

Thursday, 4 November 2010

YES, life is a struggle,

but that's not what we're (ultimately) here for.

(It's always ultimately).
Being human
---is about learning
--what being human is.

-------There are no
-----external qualifications
------------------for that
another false
printed promise
--to be
and to
this -- is
think tired
---feel tired
-be tired
-----of the Divine



cells -as
----mackerel brown
-you're only limited
-----by what you consider
------------the possibilities
--------------------------to be
what you know
--you know
-what you don't,
---------you don't
I am a Buddha,
---as are you
wholeness and discord
a discordant whole
lot of discord
lot of whole
a wholeness discord
discordance and whole-
You can only access something
----you believe to be accessible
-and- by extension-
------you have to believe
--------it's there
--a mind of fragmentation
-----or a mind of unity
that sees opposites
-------------as the same
---and the 'we'
------of me

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I'll experience
what I need
to experience
I don't need
to experience it
anymore :-)
Life goes on forever
---and so
--do I
A moment in time,
---captured well
--or a lifetime lived