Thursday, 31 December 2009

music of a shared feeling,
-falling to the stars

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Life, is all that matters
rolling down hills
---------of ills
------unknown from here
The truth of our Existence
--is the existence of our Truth
die to this.
-----Get born.


--to make an image
-----is to lose

-------(God= Reality)


Now here

Saturday, 26 December 2009

If more aware of the choices we make,
---we see how they come to form
-------the reality we live in


---the ancestors
---------share with us
--------------------before us
When you realise Love is all there is
------the words are taken away from you

---or you give up their games
--------as they give up yours
-------and you turn
---------------------to signposts
--This Is It. :-)

It's all in process
It's all relational

---------------and ultimate

----------------------------and relational

Thursday, 24 December 2009

------------LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.


colours seem more vibrant
-we seem more vibrant
-we are waking up

Moment Us


-------------IS HAPPENING

---------------------------------THE WORLD
Super human fantasy,
-----------because it's real
There is so much positive work to be done
the more you do
------------what's right for you
-------the more your dreams...
too many false
-----images of abundance
--to limited ends
forward moving
-------to our --- demise



beautiful pieces of meat
----beauty without substance
-----maybe you
--------------die out
because you've reached the point you needed to

Monday, 21 December 2009

-------Giant Christmas tree,
----------Giant CCTV camera

red and gold

----tinsel splash
on the running wet

----------------grey pavement
recounting tales
---------of loss and sorrow

tokens of our life gone by
---different games entirely
But still
----------there must be an end point

big trees tell stories

big trees tell stories

in their character frames

of leaves

falling to the ground
There are many paths
---but only one destination
every human endeavour
--it's on the way to God!
-We're on the way to God!
There's nowhere else to go!

News at 10

-----This is the old consciousness,
------------The dying solution
Telling us
-----the love they never knew was born
-------------------------------is dead
we all slip on ice,
-------climb a hill
-------------5 times a day
Beautiful nature
-----And the barrier we partially,
-------permeably need,
------------------go Love!

---------------------go love :-)

evening sky

-------red sky to blue
---pretty in the snow

Sunday, 20 December 2009

----maybe it's all
-an elaborate illusion
Love will conquer all
-----Has conquered all
the air is thin
---the stars seem --- big
snow drifts
of the mind

teasels hold
snow balls
of their love for me

we're all human
(I write under cover
of eyes)

we are watching

At the train station

watching the board,
seeing nothing

transfixed cold

of people


mini playing cards

(potato) chips
frozen beneath
the ice's surface

on pavements

Like the emotions
we don't hide
when we're drunk.

Like the emotions we don't hide
when we're not asleep

crunch crunch
stepping crunch
sparkle magic

goes the snow.

snow drifts of the mind,
snow drifting
------turning snow
takes me to the magic
--------------I want to go
it can be difficult to sustain
---when your body is threatened by wind and rain
------how many times
---------in a lifetime

-cuddle up cold
-----in the warm
---and dribble on my pillow
I --- am --- so --- small

---------------and --- so --- big
-And I miss
------the open spaces
-----broken shores

places lost
-----and verses
---sung before

------all is not lost
----not lost never

--------for now is

---and always
-------------is forever
Beautiful soul,
-------------made whole
how the Earth turns
------------------out there
mental mind thought structures alive yeah

Thursday, 17 December 2009

The reality of our experience
----The experience of our Reality

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


thank you tree
-----you sacrificed your years of energy
--to keep me warm
-------------------------for a night
I look at the stars-
---I don't know where to start
--(and I know I don't have to)
---the companies that claimed
to liberate us
-----through wired appliances
--are now seeking
--------'to liberate us'
--from the wires
------they sold us
----------(we bought into)
-----(they tied us up with)
----------(we tied ourselves up with)
-----------------in the first place!
See the fucking mistake.
Don't concentrate on walking
---you might lose your way
--stepping time

paying just to
-------------stay alive
The limitlessness I'm reaching/
---------------------coming to

Invisible distance forms

------(--the words
---------------come back
---------------to me again

--This time new meaning.
vibrations shadows and passing trees
--------make the lights sparkly
brown-red autumn sun-down
"cosmic" bus seats
-----for feeling
------------on the bus
break down and cry
------with the beauty
---and transience
-----------------of it all
------(and the parts
-----of my

Saturday, 12 December 2009

---demanding questions
if you came with the right attitude
-----------I'd answer
------(and you wouldn't


I'm possible

money, _______

---swapping about --- things

when all there is

-------is shadows and sunlight

--------------------------(and the sea...)

on the conveyer sea consciousness

---raindrops like
------transitory flashing diamonds
we carry ourselves with us,

-----we can always ------ go ---------- inside


projecting these
-----------------false images,
---------of what
-------we hide inside
-----a long time
---trust in the way things work
and the way things work
------------------------trust in you
This is the stage that has been set

Thursday, 10 December 2009

--act like you've got it
because you already have
wonderful divine,
-----------can't wait behind
----There is only Now
-------always our first
------------and last moment(s)

infinite bliss forever.

-----------There will be a time-
---------------------------a time-

---when we hear our last bird song
-----------------------and experience
--------------------------------our last example

--------------of weather
-----------------------------we are leaving

---to see
------and to remember
on Ultimate terms
---------and thus real
------and refined-
------------we must
-----get out of our

we'll look back over them
------------in our last moments
------and see
-----------our mistake.
You think Nothing matters
-----I think Everything does

--Somewhere there,
------------------we meet
---In transition
-----there are bound to be
------------teething problems

-----there would be nothing
-----------to 'catch'

----------to transist
--------------------on to
--We wanted

-----to be a part of something

This is it!
You can frame the beauty out of it
------------& make the spirit leave

but just bear in mind your framing
---------------sacred & profaning

the world really is

------how beautiful and spiritual
----------------not your
-----------------------Death death death
because beyond the organism
---------------------------is a web of cycline decay-
--that is beyond the place
---------------from which you see
-------------------------through individual eyes windows
-------because we are




this is the universe speaking through me

individual journey
------collective mistake

---individual journey
------------collective at stake

individual journey
---------the collective we make

through individual journeys...

-----------of collective significance

----------------------------we make

What do you see?

------does not mean

giving up yourself

---Quite the opposite

--------It means




"how it really is"

we have the ability
------to transcend
-------------the individual

-------------beyond the frame
-of the fight

--------------(when our needs are met)

-------to the frame of
------------and beyond the frame
-----------------------------(when our needs are met)
------------------to see

------------------------------------------------------what is
---------------is the death of us
-------And yet,
------------to come back again


there's nothing left to experiment with anymore

--------------------------------------------but Everything
--it's a funny old world
---------------of flat screens
and mail
----------that comes to you
--------in naughts
----------------------and ones

Monday, 7 December 2009

---- maybe
----- ----we should just let
our words do the talking
What do I say here

---------Or here

---Or here

-------------or here
---stars encased
------in boxes
and plastic wrapping

--------------I don't think so
---I sit here
---and I wait
--------for you
------a false promise
welcome to
----the land
trail blazing

-------is actually quite slow
Beings born of the Universal movement

---(in the motion
------that we were born of

------in the motion
-----------that is



each prejudice
-is a weakness
--a misunderstanding
---and a restriction
----on Yourself
each time im under the sky
-----------------is an ecstatic experience
you talk to yourself
---------------to keep yourself sane

------Shame then,
---------------that that's
----------the measure.
all paths have led here



the moon says hello beautiful Spirit children

--------------------------------------and Goodbye
beer, cider, wine red or white
---------you relate the story
----like a falling star

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Universal whole

--lets be whole
not two halves
------together found feeling
--but two wholes
---------------------as whole
-------as each of us
burning ball of pure energy Being Light

-------------------------------not is
---Life is this Mystical treasure trail.
---------The skies,
----------------the oceans
-they are still pretty free
What's it like
-------for the Universe
-----to see through your eyes?

Friday, 4 December 2009


--------is not a fad*

It is the deepest truth
-----------of our existence.

-----------------*(although it can be)
we are so sad and hapless hopeless complete
Hidden in a place that is what we call wisdom
---------------------------------------Where are you?
----higher &


only we can do
we can only do
This is our life when we're in it
------------Live it
God is in the sky tonight
--God is always in the sky
The perfect time
--for the perfect everything
-----------is a mystical experience

and the land is always there.

-----------is a lot to take on
fire cities made of ice
-------------------they crumble
you see images of you I see flashes of me



(rpt) ...
Life is beautiful
-------------and so
-------So Are You

Thursday, 3 December 2009


------is not something mystical
--and far out*

---It's at the root of life
-and running through it

------------*(although it can be)
------in faces
----of the spaces we met

----------and graces
something not fulfilled

transitory core

transitory score
----with a knock on the door,
---you know.
transitory places
transitory iron balls
---------and laces
there are at least
-------------2 me's
------in operation.
The one that knows all the right
------------------boxes to tick
-----as a 'rounded individual'

and the one
-------that knows
----an individual
---------------isn't round
but a series of jagged edges
---and unexplored territories
----------------ever opening being
Did you know...
----You can have crunchy
---------------and chewy
--at the same fucking time?
--------------This is our modernity
consciousness inward
-------------------------even further


--'And a numbed existence'
-------we say collectively
---'Is alright,
------------as we put ourselves through it
---------------------gaining confidence
--------in the mold

And then comes the freedom- if you will,
---------------------------what more can we do

---------------drinking tea
-------------reading books
---------in a small house

---bricks of walls
----walls of bricks

-----------(with the fire going)


there's only so much you can do
-----in any one point of time
Anything's possible...
--------And you are a part of that

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I look at the (full) moon
---She tells me
-----------'You Exist'!

--------------------(She is right)
sun sets on the sea shores break
----you can't be whole
unless you have time for yourself
I choose to be free
--because there is no other way
----------------to live


I'm not real
--because nobody's real.

We know all this already.

----------Beyond the frame of 'birth'
------------------------------------and 'death'

----We come from nothing
---------we go to nothing

---------in its fullness.

---Nothing we came from
---------to nothing we return
--but the dream
------of this beautiful

---(I'm a dreamer...
-----but who of us is not)
If you can believe in your self
-------You can believe in anything
----(Think about that. I mean the possibility of your existence)

Monday, 30 November 2009

Words dissolve
----when you
-------------read/ them
--------------speak/ them
----------------hear them
-----------------substitution table


------------tenses 2- past future
--------------tenses 3- past present future

--------------Constructing our time away

--------------------------------doing the verb
------------------------------------doing the verb
-----------------------------------------------the verb




-------------------voice goes up
-----------------------to eyes for question


I understand words so much I can barely use them

---Contradiction and misguidance
------------------------------on an unstable base. Constructed
---------------------------------------The words are almost filling
-------------------------------------------the lines on my face.
--------------------------------------------Prising them open
------------------------------------------communicative cracks
----------------------------------------------knocked open
--------------------------------------------by your words of mixed messages
------------------------------------------------Because of you
-------------------------------------------------------------because of us
------------------------------------------------------and because of me
---------------------------------------------I understand words so much
---------------------------------------------------------------------I can barely use them.

--------------------------------No point speaking
------------------------------when the pipes are leaking

--------------------------------No point speaking

------------------------------------------------No point speaking
----------------------------------------------when the pipes are leaking

------------------------------------------------------no point speaking


-----------------------------------------------------------------------Time to agree
----------------------------------------------------------------------because it's easier

-----------------------------------------------------------------------state it is so


--------------------------------------------------------------------state it as so
all prejudices
---------are misunderstandings
---I love you.

What's your name?

---Open the door
it went away to come back again
we're all
----saying the same thing
--It depends where
you draw the category,
-----where you draw
---------------the word

--Analyse it
--------into the ground
------to come back
--and destroy
--------the sky
---you sought
---------to understand
everyone's scared
---------------of what they don't know
there is nothing,
---Only the seasons passing
---------(like the clouds...)...

*existence, the Universe, The Great Mystery...

-there's nowhere to go
---and nothing to do
because we're there already
---and God* is doing all of it
dripping hands
----of shifting sands
---------------of time
Anything is possible-
----because we exist!
------------------(And that's the most impossible thing ever!)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

light of the (unborn) setting sun
why do I(,)
-night sky
I don't know,
---but I think we might be saying
--the same thing
--Our language is shared
-----but embodies

-------Life is a contradiction
but necessary fulfillment
--------------------to the Source.
--Everyone seems awake today
Or maybe it's just me
----"Maybe it's time
-------for an eyesight
----post storm morning clouds.
We think we're bigger than the Earth
--until the Earth shows us its true dimension
everybody's doing something
----------nobody knows why
---think I'll just sit a while,
-----------------look at the sky...
---Man is all things unto himself
Such is the nature of God
--------This is a Truth
---------------(and a misunderstanding)
not a cloud in the sun-lit sky

--grey skies to blue
--------the sun
----------the sun!
----Thank you, the sun

the sun shining on the silver clouds (trim)
Safe as houses falling down
Live life as an example / to that which you believe
-----------in order to become / that which you believe

creative writing course: lesson 1 (of 1)

do your own thing,
-----------do your own thing


Universe, you are beautiful
And I am beautiful because I am a part of you

So many stars tonight
clear sky
To Feel MySelf as the Universe Unfolding

THAT is life
And JOY is a chance
---waves coming
-------up to the front stage see
crowds of nothing
-----------cloud the grey at me

stormy communication

---words coming in skew
----find their way
----from me to you

muddying waters
close to shore
breaking out horizons more

--The impossibility of existence-
---------------------And yet
The clarity with which we exist

stay with you

don't lose yourself
--to some ideal

-stay with me
---stay with me
-----stay with me

-don't lose yourself
--to some ideal
All you hygiene freaks are sick
seagull soars
Science has taken us this far
------(which has been necessary)
---but spirituality
---------------will take us further
---------------------------(to the stars)
you don't need to know the name of things
--------to know what to do with them
Words fail
--when they don't fall apart
--------------------(in front of you fall
-----------------------------and fade away)
the lines in my hand
----the river
---won't last

(broken down)

break it down

of time

cities on the rolling sea


love is letting go...
---learning the words
---------I know
---looking back and looking through
-----------looking as I feel for you
-----A choice of giving
---------------road of living
---------------------flowing ever on
music growing
----------people singing
-----------------------something of this song.
Age and fades
Be flexible.
-----Sometimes the wind blows
Be free,
---------kind soul
---way home
-----hills of lights and darkness

You construct it very well
-----but there's nothing of it
---And it's not there

This is a beautiful place,
------A beautiful place.

the big
--highlighted in the small
-------------leaving a locality
-------leaving the whole
------And leaving as dying
----------the death at the end.
if the frame you're making
------------isn't working
-----choose to see things differently
we're negotiating worlds
----And we don't even realise
-------------------we're doing it
As you believe
So it is so
clothes stores
-----selling rags of our meanings
---to each other

---------I walk past
------------I walk on past
----------I walk past
space time greys

Grass Verges and Cliffs

---eagle face sweep down
----------to relationship
------apex roofs
-------------------and cross havens
travelling houses
---------------------------and arrows
--------sometimes contained
-----------------------on the same sign
in the same breath in the same line
---------Nothing to refine
--------------------but everything
----------------down to the sea.

--Lanterns of lights unopened
--------fences that fell to the end
---beaches sitting empty
---------------------to pretend
waves wash waves wash waves
--------------white and grey
--man walks sea gull soars
----------------------car breaks down
------water cascades
---------------------gone away

... like a breath

--Life is
-Piss and shit too.
---(Which is why modernity is false)

Life is an ongoing process
------like eating and shitting...
--which is why you can never finish
-------------------all your tasks and never will.

---------Only a semblance,
------------------------------of a place to stop

--------------------------to visit
The time is half past something gone
--everyone knows each other already
We're just negotiating
if not in relation
---hello people,
-------we are so sad

making shadows on walls
-----for which we are glad
-Maybe we both know
that it just IS.
more here
I'm hardly even here
---we'll play music of colours
---------------------------in keys white black and red
sing songs of the feelings
---------------------of the thoughts in our head
things that have a bearing on everything
---------------------that mean nothing
w-e --- a-r-e

---free agents of the modern world
people dropped off
-----------at bus stops
----go their different ways
people on the bus
-------plugged into
------------------------worlds apart

I, Love, you

there's beautiful (everything)
-------and particularly beautiful
---because it knows the Beautiful
------------and is it

which is the Infinite,
--------------------which is everything
the sea is a land
---------------made whole
stars revolving
-----in the spotlight dangled sky

-There's nothing to worry about.
beauty of a rose.
----rose rose
when the summer sun
----------comes busting down
-----the winter sky
--------------------it might be time
----------------------------------to cry
patchwork cloud sorcering moon
This is not Far Out stuff,
---This is very
-------------------close to home ...
---Time is a fiction-
-Eternity is
Immortal Life
----is here and now
-And here and now
--------is Always
-----(And Forever)
When you know Life
----I think You know all Relationships
--Are important ----- and Passing
----until we love ourselves
--as only we are.

con - tact .

--Walking along the darkened shore
(inland) I see people darkened
--------by the illumined lights
sea gull
-like a UFO.
shifting hands
-of the shifting sands
-----You can't force the Universe.
But you can go with it
-----------kind soul-jer
--------------------and find your way
---When you realise
----------there is nothing in the way
(No point you need to reach
--------to move on from)
---You realise
-------there is only Now
And you are Alive!

---We are a funny
-bunch of humans,
-------------(and apart)
beautiful sunrise clouds

we are elementary
--Who knows,
-----Who knows.
-----Love is Love
-----Life is Life
-Love Life Love
Moon, I bow down to you,
----you crazy ole cheese in the sky
tracing circles of the universe
----with my finger
-on the ball of the soles
-----------of my feet
Lights mark the path,


---Fun, yeah.
------But also an
-----image of fun...
A fantasy limited
-----------(by its singular expression)
-----------------as such-
----An imagination
-------------------presented forms
---------thoughts and a limited future
----------------------------As such
---Words and ways
--------------of livings.
---------to ends
-----------------apart from
---------------------------us (/ourselves)

small encounters meaning

--One life perspective
-----is but a part
---of the wholeness
-life perspective
----that's happening here
all of us
---drawing in- through
--for the Life-
return to the Source,
-----we are always there

Monday, 16 November 2009


morning moon


-----both low

----------I walk


---Bus stop

---------morning blue

-----bird flock flies

---every letter could be
------------To he point
--------------------where nothing

-----A lot going on-
-------------plane lights
--white red
-----------flash explosion
one here
---across the horizon
-there are many events
-----------------mean nothing
-------------very little
-----------------------to the stars.
--Guns and bombs
------------I think of now
and I think of futures
---moon sun stars

Go forth.
--Go where?
-Go forth
the environmental crisis
------is primarily a spiritual one-
-A question of Oneness

----------What will be
-------------------our answer.
dialogue with the moon

hub of the wheel

hold the mountain slowly
We're Here
--To Live To Love To Learn

Sunday, 25 October 2009


-----All this spiritual stuff
---------------------------is good and true
but it fucks you up for the fucked up stuff of the world
is this not
---an absolutely impossible situation?
Good luck, buddy-o,
----------All the best
---Welcome to Heaven (hell?)
----------------this is a test
It's easier not to know
------where or why
---The Truth of the matter is
--------------the matter has no truth
--------(In itself)
And yet it does,
------------yet it does...
-----to the point where you know
---anything is possible
---------------when you are not travelling
human-imposed time
-------see the limits of a human imposed rationality


-----I've got nothing to do
--------so I create something
------(like you)

thousands of pheasants

never owned,
-----for a time

each one of us
----is a fractal unfolding
--unto the world

------and in part
at once an edge
----------and Oneself-
expanding out
----into the world

-passing through
-----to say goodbye

----such beauty

--I'm doing
everything I need to do
--------------------to be me

---And it's wonderful

love is what you need to feel
----for this love to reach you

Amazing blustery --- autumn day

---There's nowhere you can't go

epiphany, revelation

"take the long road
-----------------and walk it"

-countryside home

stay with me kind flower


---harvest moon,



----of me

--------------of the stars

patches of galaxies spread

---------for a time

What? Material plane

--Material plane. - What?
city map
-----of city pleasures
--broken heart
------------of broken treasures


anyone who says, "I can't draw"
-----------doesn't even know they are born
--Swayed by the course of time

-A 'poet' plays with words and human constructions.
--------------------------A poet communes with God, with Nature,
--------------------------------------------------------the essence

Only when you feel weak and powerless
--do you feel the need to better yourself
in a way that means bettering yourself over others

------it's a weak power
----that asserts power
------------over another
the moment's passed
---the time won't last
---------gone away
our dystopian robotic future
-----lies at the end of a course
---of a stream
------------'very good'

--It's almost unstoppable.

--------You've got to stop it in yourself first
There's more acceptance
-----------------of difference
--------within the context
-------------of cast carbon copies
after a fashion
-up to a point
--if life was finished
impartial calm and unchanging

-sad happy face

-There's nothing to do
--------and no where to be
----but here
----------------and now

(but that doesn't mean
-----want to be doing nothing
---while doing your task

--------------but be there
-----------doing your task,


The world (/humans/modernity) is its own self-perpetuating problem

---------This is the living out
-----------------------of that)

--as you want it to,
------so it does

----(I think)
--you think I think that
-But I don't think that at all.

------So it doesn't matter.
------------You see?


-not part of the social machine

--faint echo of my own thoughts

(mistaking them for) God
----(and they are)

1. primer
2. undercoat
3. gloss
--Frame your mind
------to frame your world
----come with me

--Unframe your face
-----to body unwind
to steadily find
------------the surely unsigned
-------within you
---come in you
--------to abide
--by the things
----------------that you find

------to unframe your mind
-----to unframe your world

--------------------come with me
my distorted
the truth of the matter
-------what people want to hear

Learn(ing) to become MySelf

This is a beautiful moment,
------------------this life.
--But the universe
---------is the biggest
-------------------moment of them all
Complex thoughts
----mulled over,
--come out simple
-and find their home

Complex thoughts
----mulled over,
--come together

Our successes are our own downfall

-The modern world (/existence)
--------is its own problem.
Our progress is our regress
------each solution
----------------a problem.
------------This is our condition

---------our modern society
----------------is its own downfall

our advances
-------------our destruction

--And this talk
-------------is nothing of seeds

but as one thing as one thing

---------And this is our situation.

And yet,
---------and yet

----how much we can do in this wonderful world!

How many amazing chances/opportunities/
-------------wires to connect to metal
-------------------------music boxes
------------------------------------we have!

--How many- and yes, alas- how few.

------how much- and yet, alas,
----------------------how little...

----------------and have it all
-----You are Love
--------But you're not
---until you realise you are

Because you can never be
---more than what you believe you are

-and you can never do more
-----than what you think is possible.


----------nor less.

--You've got to discover/

the nature/



-------for yourself
what is there to do,
--------------but this?

-------(in a wonderful, wonderful way)
--think of a passion
----and call it free

Say something
----that sounds like me
-My words of a feeling,
-----they ache to feel

Yet they say something
-----------of a common zeal

--Getting out of our heads
------where we want to be

--It's not my words that ache
-----...It's me
realising a dream
-----within a dream

bus stop seats

-----bus stop seats
----the same
-people changing
from a position of peaceful security
--you can look
-------------and see
--she said to me
----you are with me,
and we found our way home
everywhere is a clue
---------and we are sailing there

-life, false life.
----I choose life.

lights confusion

Abide by your Silence
--(and become it)
----the words
-------------taken away

golden flake sun flakes
------of the golden flake sea

-What am I doing this for?
Always remember-
----The beautiful moments-
-------------------------of life


--------------(Be Free)
This is our dream(world)

dreamworld consciousness
----------dreamworld desire
---connected to the Earth
a quiet and measured Insanity
----This is our dream world.
----------There's nothing to prove.
short term relationship
------to span the ages

in a room...

---a person's atmosphere
--------------to the walls
----and to the atmosphere
---The mind builds
-----blows proportions
The trick-
-----I'm realising
-is to let
--take priority
-----------in flow
------and let
-------------the mind

---come on, come on!
---------beautiful world!
---let experience take root
--------as your reality

Let experience (your own personal direct in the moment)
------------take the lead/
---------guide your way home

---------------(ego-)mind a back seat
forever impressions,
-----------------forever imperfect
----This beauty is here
--------and this beauty is real
break down and cry with it.

----flowing river
---------------carries me on
--"One more day"
---------pleads nature's way

for now
-----is forever

-----(so happy abundant
-bombs drop like raindrops
as my words
--------mean nothing
----to the joyful sky.
--------------LIKE LIFE AMAZING!
-------------------------------------AND WE ARE IT!

-----"Nothing will stop what's now in motion"
---a purity, non-clear
------of simple
Like childhood testing
-----------------------the waters.
Do it,
----And you will realise
------------It's all OK.

-------------------All is OK
-------last night.
----good. strong. long-
big building open derelict,
-------------don't have to re-do..
-----someone goes
------------girl propositions me
--------------------we start
-----------------she changes mind
------------------------------we stop,
----then to
-------------town like
---a little yellow walking human-like bug
-------------------------but small
-----I cut its legs off
-------------more grow back
-----------and bigger (but still small) wake.


Truth. Why do I not always show myself
--------------as True Self.
-----Because we have to function in the world
-----------and the world
--------------------does not function
----------------------------------on Truth.
-----------It functions on image, deceit,
---------------------------------the mark.
---It's crying out
------------------for truth.
-----------It's ready
---------------------for truth
-----Bring the function,
-----------------------bring the function
-----------but the world does not always function
------------------------------------------on Truth.

---Show your Self-
but be careful who
--------------you show it to

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Don't worry about me.

Don't worry about me!
-----I'll fall on my feet.
--Because my feet are the spinning of the Earth
-----------------------------on its axis

-------------as the stars
----------fall apart
------------------and come together
---------------across the skies
----------------------------------as One
-----What are you up to these days?
-------------It's difficult to tell.

Barbed wire sky, mile up high
-Say hello, to say goodbye.

-It's all provided for you
-To have a fucking excellent life
There's a night and a day
And a story to say
--Come closer


Because this is life-
-------------this is what we're in-
and this is what it's all about.

--This is what we're made for

Because this is life
---------------and this is living
---and this is all there is to giving
--if you like it
------------(or dislike it)
----in something else
-----------------it's in you.

-I t ' s -a l l -i n- y o u -: - )
-stars fly
across galaxy heads

--sweet nothing(s)
dark moon

--night sky

--That's what I mean
------when I say
-there's nothing to do
-----------and nowhere to go.
-----It's all being taken care of.
------------The motion of the Universe
---------We Are It.
immortal eyes
---to immortal skies

battles on the spiritual plane
----------to see if things manifest
---------------on the material plane
The Universe wants me here,
---------------------doing this,
----------------------------------right now
Butterfly caught
------------------on human terms
dusty spring
-------------shine shower shave

dragonfly windmill butterfly human wings
wonderful long evenings
-------dark barn
------silent disco lights
---------------no flight path low
-------------no cars, road,
---awareness deepening.
---Awareness outside of me
---------watching me

The Universe is Alive with Me

--Forever the same speed

--Come to the centre
---Your own Destiny

---see me moving with the clouds

come closer

Similar souls
on different evolutionary paths
come to meet

Say hello,
move back again

say hello,
come closer

beauty of life
beauty of life

beauty of life
come closer.

beauty of life
beauty of life

similar souls,
come closer.


biological dream time
-grows, disperses
pages of a book
pages of a book
someone take a look
pages of a book

pass me a book
pass me a book
give me a look
pass me a book

this is ridiculous
this is ridiculous
something is sick in this
this is ridiculous

pages of a book
give me a look
someone take a look
pages of a book
lady king

sea gypsies

----depth in the masquerade charge

--------Still with me,
-----------Still with me

----depth in the masquerade charge,

------------still with me
---Your reality is you.
-Hold the mountain slowly.

--speaking through a misunderstanding

---learning a connection
------------------through the stars

--red resonant Earth-
--------a secret
-----series of stars
flint stone

teachers' stone

river going merry round

beautiful dream

moon, sun,
need a connection to the earth

elder tree --- elder berry

solitary and true,
the unity is you
---(sleep) dreams are reality too

this, like others
---is a process realized
--primarily through Self
---the world in you

---the mountain

---the world again

---the mountain
what is there to know
-that you can't feel
-----right here now?

For me there's nowhere better to go.
Take this any way you want to,
which you will,
which you will

which you will
Come home.

Come slowly.
simple natural beauty whole.

-It's all
--------in process

The Universe at play
-----Hey hey,
-----------hey hey...
--live life
----the way I think it should be
And be appreciated for that
---------If nothing else.
--And if not appreciated
---------------for that
-----be content
in the knowledge
--------that I lived
--life in Love-
-----which is Truth-
which is the only way
------------can be

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

-----in part
----------or fragmented
-----preparing me in every step
bringing me in each moment
------To each moment
Out of the city
----The cities noise

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Don't worry
---you get there in the end.
-In the end you get there.

You have to reach the point of understanding
-------------for yourself

----Otherwise the signposts- (and) the words-
------------------------------mean nothing.
Seeing isolated details


-underlying cohesion
---I look at myself
-------in the mirror too much
And I see ghosts passing through me.
-----Do you see them passing
-----------through you?

---be conscious of yourself
---Be conscious of your Self
---Be conscious of Your Self

-------------------(see through me)
there's a false romance
----but wholesome truth
--(for those whole enough
-------------to get it)
---what battle?
We've already won


opening up
-------people opening up to me.
wonderful solitude,
-----------come with me
I'm almost --- not here.
---a million miles away
-------from a million miles.

worlds distance themselves
-------------and collide.

-----Worlds distance themselves
--------------------and collide.

held; suspended

words words words
------in magazines
--to hold the people up

Nothing is said
---------nothing is

-----------a construction

----a construct

words words words
-------in magazines
--are magazines
-------of words words words.
You think something of my world?
-You don't know the power of Creation

Universe Laughing

the world today...
----------people sat at computers.
---------------------------A cosmic joke

-----------------------------------------(A good one)
quiet and unassuming unnoticed
-----------the freedom of the unknown

-----------and spiritual plane encounters
--------it's clearly not
-----------------------all about
Goblins dragons etc.
-----------These things are not
----------------------not real
---------------I'm living the dream!

This is where I had to come
------------------I had to come here.

--------for the warm glow of a room I stay
----the work I do
the place! --in general
---------night has fallen,
cosy cabin
---------------wow wow WOW!
Because life is possible.

Nature does every human job
that is even vaguely worth doing
(it's just we've distorted nature, boxed ourselves in, and therefore have to strive)

All we can really do
is play

leaf lands on my path, to tell me
my job's not done.

Every gate has a different mechanism.
I Love,
---from the beginning of the world over

---my right path

trail blazing,

---my right path
--does life say Yes
---------or does life say No?

-Destiny in motion.

-----------asserting itself

---Through me!
Live life as your own example,
---------knowing the Truth of Self


The force of my own destiny

---------------------I'm all clear
---------------------------and ready to go

You Are Your Own Destiny

---"You are your own testimony"
-----------"What does that mean?"
It means whatever you want it to mean.
-----"What is this?!"
---------It is
------------whatever you want it
---------------------------to be.
Thank you
---------to everything that allows it to be
And I love,
------------the world over

The Universe is in perfect alignment

aligned with itself,
----aligned with each other,
--aligned with each and every