Sunday, 10 January 2010

The dreams you make
-The roads you take
The Earth that you set in motion
You know you love me

I know I love you

What more do we do?

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sometimes the stars in the sky
-Are closer to home
Everything is Radiant


-In the way things Are

Friday, 8 January 2010

killing is killing
there is no freedom to fight
or fight for

it is here.

Whatever you want,
it is here.
-----And those who can't stop
-------------Will be dead
Before they've even realised they're Alive
---Sense perception false start...

-------And then...

Whatever you live by manifests itself

-----------------(in your life)

---------------------------the more you journey it)

-------------------, Creative Being
in the nature born light

How many words
Can you say about snow?

--An infinity of possibility
--to the one path you can take
---Made for imitation

And it's all there
To the best of its proven ability

A music missed of the stars
and the moments they came from
The sun, shines through
Love from me, to you
-Human and Divine

--Turning dreams on me

Possession is an occupation of the mind

Monday, 4 January 2010

You want to help- you can offer support-
-------But what more can you do?

---You take an image of me
------------and I... take an image... of you.



--Let the Universe continue for you

---------As it will for me

------And us.

------We're heading there now.

-----------(And we won't want to stop it)

----------This is what we were made for.
There are no known limits,
---------No limits to know

-everything collapses
into singularity

Lighten Up

The ultimate fate
of the Universe
depends on how much
dark energy it contains.

dark energy permeates all of space and
increases the rate
of expansion
of the Universe.

Dark energy
is how it sounds.

It is negativity, weight,
further disconnection...

until our
kills us, blows us apart entirely.

Let us choose
Unity, connection-

Let us
Pull ourselves

Let us choose

The Light
black hole
Big Bang
black hole
Big Bang
black hole
Big Bang
black hole

This is the
Event Horizon

This is the Critical Mass
Event Horizon

Opening budding silent
heading back in

eye to eye

I see flying saucers
---and they are the eyes of an owl
------------------called me


No meaning,
---in isolation

-We are resonating
-------with our Universe


---Single Entity
when we're away
----------we live...
-----Because there's nothing else to do
coming to terms...
-----with physicality
there is no time
------to wait behind
-there is no space
------------to leave

---(or come back to)
---And he told me
--------the inhale
---------------and the outhale
were the same as the motion
---------------------------of the making of love
--------All created things
-----------------are just imitations...
Manmade, crudely,
-------nature divinely.
----And it's all natural,
---------------------and Divine
time stretches out,
-----------------on forever
---bit by bit
-------I find my way home
and the bits I can't find
---are the bits of home I need to go out from
--------------------to get back in

-----(And this,

---------------is just,

----------------------happening) :-)
invest yourself in one thing
----you get that thing back
breeze through on a dream but
------want to make contact somewhere
--It's really not the place (although it helps)
-------------But your attitude, wherever you are


-I am neither excited
---------------nor anxious
---it's just something
-------------that's happening
Taking part
---------in the dream
--------------------more fully

---(It starts
-------in Love, Life
-It ends
--------in Love, Life

---Let Love, Life --- take me through)

----------(love from me, to you)
pushing the future forward,
-----pushing the future on
and I'll bring you on your knees
---------the silent voice
---------------------said to me
--When you know the One
the good and bad they come together



------from the ownership of things
and the things
------will cease to be
--------------a problem

-------(you still need stuff)