Sunday, 25 October 2009


-----All this spiritual stuff
---------------------------is good and true
but it fucks you up for the fucked up stuff of the world
is this not
---an absolutely impossible situation?
Good luck, buddy-o,
----------All the best
---Welcome to Heaven (hell?)
----------------this is a test
It's easier not to know
------where or why
---The Truth of the matter is
--------------the matter has no truth
--------(In itself)
And yet it does,
------------yet it does...
-----to the point where you know
---anything is possible
---------------when you are not travelling
human-imposed time
-------see the limits of a human imposed rationality


-----I've got nothing to do
--------so I create something
------(like you)

thousands of pheasants

never owned,
-----for a time

each one of us
----is a fractal unfolding
--unto the world

------and in part
at once an edge
----------and Oneself-
expanding out
----into the world

-passing through
-----to say goodbye

----such beauty

--I'm doing
everything I need to do
--------------------to be me

---And it's wonderful

love is what you need to feel
----for this love to reach you

Amazing blustery --- autumn day

---There's nowhere you can't go

epiphany, revelation

"take the long road
-----------------and walk it"

-countryside home

stay with me kind flower


---harvest moon,



----of me

--------------of the stars

patches of galaxies spread

---------for a time

What? Material plane

--Material plane. - What?
city map
-----of city pleasures
--broken heart
------------of broken treasures


anyone who says, "I can't draw"
-----------doesn't even know they are born
--Swayed by the course of time

-A 'poet' plays with words and human constructions.
--------------------------A poet communes with God, with Nature,
--------------------------------------------------------the essence

Only when you feel weak and powerless
--do you feel the need to better yourself
in a way that means bettering yourself over others

------it's a weak power
----that asserts power
------------over another
the moment's passed
---the time won't last
---------gone away
our dystopian robotic future
-----lies at the end of a course
---of a stream
------------'very good'

--It's almost unstoppable.

--------You've got to stop it in yourself first
There's more acceptance
-----------------of difference
--------within the context
-------------of cast carbon copies
after a fashion
-up to a point
--if life was finished
impartial calm and unchanging

-sad happy face

-There's nothing to do
--------and no where to be
----but here
----------------and now

(but that doesn't mean
-----want to be doing nothing
---while doing your task

--------------but be there
-----------doing your task,


The world (/humans/modernity) is its own self-perpetuating problem

---------This is the living out
-----------------------of that)

--as you want it to,
------so it does

----(I think)
--you think I think that
-But I don't think that at all.

------So it doesn't matter.
------------You see?


-not part of the social machine

--faint echo of my own thoughts

(mistaking them for) God
----(and they are)

1. primer
2. undercoat
3. gloss
--Frame your mind
------to frame your world
----come with me

--Unframe your face
-----to body unwind
to steadily find
------------the surely unsigned
-------within you
---come in you
--------to abide
--by the things
----------------that you find

------to unframe your mind
-----to unframe your world

--------------------come with me
my distorted
the truth of the matter
-------what people want to hear

Learn(ing) to become MySelf

This is a beautiful moment,
------------------this life.
--But the universe
---------is the biggest
-------------------moment of them all
Complex thoughts
----mulled over,
--come out simple
-and find their home

Complex thoughts
----mulled over,
--come together

Our successes are our own downfall

-The modern world (/existence)
--------is its own problem.
Our progress is our regress
------each solution
----------------a problem.
------------This is our condition

---------our modern society
----------------is its own downfall

our advances
-------------our destruction

--And this talk
-------------is nothing of seeds

but as one thing as one thing

---------And this is our situation.

And yet,
---------and yet

----how much we can do in this wonderful world!

How many amazing chances/opportunities/
-------------wires to connect to metal
-------------------------music boxes
------------------------------------we have!

--How many- and yes, alas- how few.

------how much- and yet, alas,
----------------------how little...

----------------and have it all
-----You are Love
--------But you're not
---until you realise you are

Because you can never be
---more than what you believe you are

-and you can never do more
-----than what you think is possible.


----------nor less.

--You've got to discover/

the nature/



-------for yourself
what is there to do,
--------------but this?

-------(in a wonderful, wonderful way)
--think of a passion
----and call it free

Say something
----that sounds like me
-My words of a feeling,
-----they ache to feel

Yet they say something
-----------of a common zeal

--Getting out of our heads
------where we want to be

--It's not my words that ache
-----...It's me
realising a dream
-----within a dream

bus stop seats

-----bus stop seats
----the same
-people changing
from a position of peaceful security
--you can look
-------------and see
--she said to me
----you are with me,
and we found our way home
everywhere is a clue
---------and we are sailing there

-life, false life.
----I choose life.

lights confusion

Abide by your Silence
--(and become it)
----the words
-------------taken away

golden flake sun flakes
------of the golden flake sea

-What am I doing this for?
Always remember-
----The beautiful moments-
-------------------------of life


--------------(Be Free)
This is our dream(world)

dreamworld consciousness
----------dreamworld desire
---connected to the Earth
a quiet and measured Insanity
----This is our dream world.
----------There's nothing to prove.
short term relationship
------to span the ages

in a room...

---a person's atmosphere
--------------to the walls
----and to the atmosphere
---The mind builds
-----blows proportions
The trick-
-----I'm realising
-is to let
--take priority
-----------in flow
------and let
-------------the mind

---come on, come on!
---------beautiful world!
---let experience take root
--------as your reality

Let experience (your own personal direct in the moment)
------------take the lead/
---------guide your way home

---------------(ego-)mind a back seat
forever impressions,
-----------------forever imperfect
----This beauty is here
--------and this beauty is real
break down and cry with it.

----flowing river
---------------carries me on
--"One more day"
---------pleads nature's way

for now
-----is forever

-----(so happy abundant
-bombs drop like raindrops
as my words
--------mean nothing
----to the joyful sky.
--------------LIKE LIFE AMAZING!
-------------------------------------AND WE ARE IT!

-----"Nothing will stop what's now in motion"
---a purity, non-clear
------of simple
Like childhood testing
-----------------------the waters.
Do it,
----And you will realise
------------It's all OK.

-------------------All is OK
-------last night.
----good. strong. long-
big building open derelict,
-------------don't have to re-do..
-----someone goes
------------girl propositions me
--------------------we start
-----------------she changes mind
------------------------------we stop,
----then to
-------------town like
---a little yellow walking human-like bug
-------------------------but small
-----I cut its legs off
-------------more grow back
-----------and bigger (but still small) wake.


Truth. Why do I not always show myself
--------------as True Self.
-----Because we have to function in the world
-----------and the world
--------------------does not function
----------------------------------on Truth.
-----------It functions on image, deceit,
---------------------------------the mark.
---It's crying out
------------------for truth.
-----------It's ready
---------------------for truth
-----Bring the function,
-----------------------bring the function
-----------but the world does not always function
------------------------------------------on Truth.

---Show your Self-
but be careful who
--------------you show it to

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Don't worry about me.

Don't worry about me!
-----I'll fall on my feet.
--Because my feet are the spinning of the Earth
-----------------------------on its axis

-------------as the stars
----------fall apart
------------------and come together
---------------across the skies
----------------------------------as One
-----What are you up to these days?
-------------It's difficult to tell.

Barbed wire sky, mile up high
-Say hello, to say goodbye.

-It's all provided for you
-To have a fucking excellent life
There's a night and a day
And a story to say
--Come closer


Because this is life-
-------------this is what we're in-
and this is what it's all about.

--This is what we're made for

Because this is life
---------------and this is living
---and this is all there is to giving
--if you like it
------------(or dislike it)
----in something else
-----------------it's in you.

-I t ' s -a l l -i n- y o u -: - )
-stars fly
across galaxy heads

--sweet nothing(s)
dark moon

--night sky

--That's what I mean
------when I say
-there's nothing to do
-----------and nowhere to go.
-----It's all being taken care of.
------------The motion of the Universe
---------We Are It.
immortal eyes
---to immortal skies

battles on the spiritual plane
----------to see if things manifest
---------------on the material plane
The Universe wants me here,
---------------------doing this,
----------------------------------right now
Butterfly caught
------------------on human terms
dusty spring
-------------shine shower shave

dragonfly windmill butterfly human wings
wonderful long evenings
-------dark barn
------silent disco lights
---------------no flight path low
-------------no cars, road,
---awareness deepening.
---Awareness outside of me
---------watching me

The Universe is Alive with Me

--Forever the same speed

--Come to the centre
---Your own Destiny

---see me moving with the clouds

come closer

Similar souls
on different evolutionary paths
come to meet

Say hello,
move back again

say hello,
come closer

beauty of life
beauty of life

beauty of life
come closer.

beauty of life
beauty of life

similar souls,
come closer.


biological dream time
-grows, disperses
pages of a book
pages of a book
someone take a look
pages of a book

pass me a book
pass me a book
give me a look
pass me a book

this is ridiculous
this is ridiculous
something is sick in this
this is ridiculous

pages of a book
give me a look
someone take a look
pages of a book
lady king

sea gypsies

----depth in the masquerade charge

--------Still with me,
-----------Still with me

----depth in the masquerade charge,

------------still with me
---Your reality is you.
-Hold the mountain slowly.

--speaking through a misunderstanding

---learning a connection
------------------through the stars

--red resonant Earth-
--------a secret
-----series of stars
flint stone

teachers' stone

river going merry round

beautiful dream

moon, sun,
need a connection to the earth

elder tree --- elder berry

solitary and true,
the unity is you
---(sleep) dreams are reality too

this, like others
---is a process realized
--primarily through Self
---the world in you

---the mountain

---the world again

---the mountain
what is there to know
-that you can't feel
-----right here now?

For me there's nowhere better to go.
Take this any way you want to,
which you will,
which you will

which you will
Come home.

Come slowly.
simple natural beauty whole.

-It's all
--------in process

The Universe at play
-----Hey hey,
-----------hey hey...
--live life
----the way I think it should be
And be appreciated for that
---------If nothing else.
--And if not appreciated
---------------for that
-----be content
in the knowledge
--------that I lived
--life in Love-
-----which is Truth-
which is the only way
------------can be

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

-----in part
----------or fragmented
-----preparing me in every step
bringing me in each moment
------To each moment
Out of the city
----The cities noise

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Don't worry
---you get there in the end.
-In the end you get there.

You have to reach the point of understanding
-------------for yourself

----Otherwise the signposts- (and) the words-
------------------------------mean nothing.
Seeing isolated details


-underlying cohesion
---I look at myself
-------in the mirror too much
And I see ghosts passing through me.
-----Do you see them passing
-----------through you?

---be conscious of yourself
---Be conscious of your Self
---Be conscious of Your Self

-------------------(see through me)
there's a false romance
----but wholesome truth
--(for those whole enough
-------------to get it)
---what battle?
We've already won


opening up
-------people opening up to me.
wonderful solitude,
-----------come with me
I'm almost --- not here.
---a million miles away
-------from a million miles.

worlds distance themselves
-------------and collide.

-----Worlds distance themselves
--------------------and collide.

held; suspended

words words words
------in magazines
--to hold the people up

Nothing is said
---------nothing is

-----------a construction

----a construct

words words words
-------in magazines
--are magazines
-------of words words words.
You think something of my world?
-You don't know the power of Creation

Universe Laughing

the world today...
----------people sat at computers.
---------------------------A cosmic joke

-----------------------------------------(A good one)
quiet and unassuming unnoticed
-----------the freedom of the unknown

-----------and spiritual plane encounters
--------it's clearly not
-----------------------all about
Goblins dragons etc.
-----------These things are not
----------------------not real
---------------I'm living the dream!

This is where I had to come
------------------I had to come here.

--------for the warm glow of a room I stay
----the work I do
the place! --in general
---------night has fallen,
cosy cabin
---------------wow wow WOW!
Because life is possible.

Nature does every human job
that is even vaguely worth doing
(it's just we've distorted nature, boxed ourselves in, and therefore have to strive)

All we can really do
is play

leaf lands on my path, to tell me
my job's not done.

Every gate has a different mechanism.
I Love,
---from the beginning of the world over

---my right path

trail blazing,

---my right path
--does life say Yes
---------or does life say No?

-Destiny in motion.

-----------asserting itself

---Through me!
Live life as your own example,
---------knowing the Truth of Self


The force of my own destiny

---------------------I'm all clear
---------------------------and ready to go

You Are Your Own Destiny

---"You are your own testimony"
-----------"What does that mean?"
It means whatever you want it to mean.
-----"What is this?!"
---------It is
------------whatever you want it
---------------------------to be.
Thank you
---------to everything that allows it to be
And I love,
------------the world over

The Universe is in perfect alignment

aligned with itself,
----aligned with each other,
--aligned with each and every
The walls drip the presence of (the) words,
-----------------------------------------said before.
---Pregnant energy
--------------------Photos of me.
Everything is working just fine.
-----More than that,
----------------------the universe is in perfect operation.
---------------------------------Patterns of nature.
--presence of leaving

Bring yourself in
-and burst out in Unity
--ghosts exist
----because your imagination exists
---and consciousness is real.

----vast and expansive
---------ocean lands
--bring them across you
--------------to meet

fragility of life
--------in the moving
------in the connected happy free
-real as real;
unsettled dreams

---------sleep dreams

this is the world of beauty,
---this is the beautiful world

all that quiet
---afternoon death

--------------(Quiet Sunday afternoon death)

I go to far fewer
---pointless nights
----------------with pointless endings

---------these days

-it all works out perfectly
----it's not
------following the guide book
It's living learning taking time
---------------to be where you are
----------------------right wholly


sad to be leaving
--but there's
-beauty- intense sad beauty pure
---------to this feeling
-----of passing forward,
------------------moving on
with nothing really
--------------to hold on to-
---------Just the movement
-------------------------flowing on

--And we have a choice-
------to build walls against it
--------------or ride with it
----------------------------as only we can

Friday, 16 October 2009

Walk the earth
-----and wonder
--cannot find my place
walk the earth
------in wonder
---without a final place

Because like you
------I'm from the stars-
------------------------in process
-don't know where I belong- but do
--the stars that flowing essence
-------------------running through.
awakening to your creative potential

-----s--p--a--c--e----- c--r--y

you are beautiful
----because everything is beautiful
--and you are a beautiful expression of that
eye focused inwards

the moon the atmosphere
-----------------------at work in me
ever set same
ever sent same

silent moon rising

Friday, 2 October 2009


I say Love
You hear bollocks.


You're hearing
not maybe

And maybe I'm speaking.


to the


disperses to
the Silence

I say love is here and love is coming


You hear a distance a mile away.

From miles away,
A planet.

Light years open up

A distance
of space



time space time

Welcome home
to my world opening up



Are you imprinted?

What are you imprinted with?


I feel it.

But maybe 'cos I'm feeling it.

It's here.

But maybe because I'm here.

(It's certain
there are no certainties here)

And now I feel it
This hidden world that rumbles





Tell me
to tell me

of the silence with
the noise.

I'm coming home
and I'm asking you

round for tea

Because my world is coming back again

Maybe seeing
an opening

I want to hear
you hearing

I want to bring you there
You bring you there

Are we still saying
the same thing?

Unwound thread is fading
leading the way

an invitation
of nothing else

come with me
as you, for you

signposted way.
---reality imprints

-the pulses of the moon
------are inside of me
-Because with me I see the pulses
--------------------of the moon
--free and unbounded

dialogue with the moon.

--------------La Luna


----fall into me

----------Sweet baby
-------Love is coming
--------to us all
----It's been
---------set in motion
------will make us whole
together, forever, amen.

---(The Networks...
-------------they're joining up,
---------------------------coming through,
---------flower fairy,
-----------------------------me to you)
all that we are doing
--is getting out the impurity/ies
it's dangerous
-----to have too much perfection.
You start expecting it
----------------When nothing is complete.

---It was complete at the time
imaginary stuff to do.

------But still I fill my time with it.
squirrels in the trees
-----maybe (not)
---watching me(s)

-------I know you're just a reflection of me
-But I love you
---Let the face do the talking
-------as the words
----------------fall out

the mouth hanging
---------moving open
------trace your roots
-------------to trace
Then Grow little seed, Grow!

You've already remembered
--------what you need to

Thursday, 1 October 2009

imprinted on your soul
imprinted on
-------------the universe
--------------right now
-------your soul.
help others to help yourself
help yourself to help others.
It's all the same movement

You ARE that network.

Make this your reality :-)
----small plastic metal shiny coloured
five pointed star
-------knocked out a wooden

---colours falling
------------from the sky
-------a motion
---------------from me

--(a motion painted
------of the tree
----a force
--------from you
----------------to me)
It's all
next to God
---(and everything)
-is child's play.
-----In God
---is the value
----------to be found
big circle
moving through
-small ones
the body it fades
----------and falls
There's nothing insane about me
-----I just occupy
--------------a little-shared reality

-(shared with
----each and every
Am I eating
--------'trick food' ?