Sunday, 26 December 2010

--I fizz
------with the Universe
---the Universe
--fizzes with me
----when I follow my truth, God's truth,
-----------------------I am protected.

Negativity exists in my mind
-----------but if it exists elsewhere
-------I am protected
This fluid World
----that accommodates
-----------us all
unless it's about
--the world, the Universe,
---------the cosmos
-----or ourselves
-I haven't got much to say
Not denying life, because you know what it is,
But affirming life, because you know what it is
try to influence
---in the formless
--------of myself

-It's all
--I can feel

-----where am

---can you have

(it's a heady question...
---annoying, stupid...
--but maybe
---------------there's something to it)

dissolve yourself away
----into this
--listening space

I tell you we're all One
You tell me to fuck off
I tell you
you tell me

Revolving doors
-----Revolving doors

Thursday, 16 December 2010


-----Shut up and listen to me,
---------the poet with nothing to say

--Because in nothing
-------------there may be a something

-------------says something to you

-So shut up and listen to me-
---------the poet with nothing to say

-------coz in nothing
-------------there's a something
------------------------------Speaks voices

-----And maybe in something
-----------there's a nothing
--------------------------------can reach you
Wake up


-Welcome home
What is there but this
--------------primordial stillness?
-and not expressing,
-------------categories of good
---------------------------------and bad
headlight stream
-----align my eyes
-with the horizon

Sunday, 12 December 2010

--while you think I'm idle
I think I'm doing the best possible thing I could be doing with my life
it's funny how people
get caught in certain viewpoints

and they won't let themselves get out of them

because they won't read the books
go to the events

or make the experiences

that viewpoint

it's crazy funny
how we get caught
in these loops of the mind-
or roads we've taken
one way
blinkered to all others
that road loops its way inside you
along the path
because really
the path is just the

Loops of the Mind

scratching around
on the surface

Thursday, 2 December 2010

the world is not something we're just born into.
----It's something we create
---in getting towards death
----------------we must express

and in getting towards life
-------we must get towards
crystal sea junctures
--round to meet you

--there, where you are,

-------------turning round to meet you

And despite all my weaknesses
------I am strong
---and with strength
-----------comes my weakness

-our weakness, my love,

------------our weakness
don't think about the categories
----and they won't affect you
-don't think about the categories
---and you won't be affected
--by them
we've come here to express
And the only thing worth expressing
is the truth
And the truth is the silence,
our Spiritual Abode,
And therein lies the bind
And yet
and yet...
we have a chance here,
we've come here to express,
to learn-
to know-
and to experience-
who we really are.


(Who are we again?)


(Disclaimer: the truth is also in the noise)
too many spectators

---fooling each other
------and fooling ourselves

-----fooling ourselves
--------and fooling each other