Tuesday, 29 September 2009

To work for your True Self
---Is to work for the common good.
---Simplify your life.
Don't buy any product that claims
-----To simplify your life.
with your back to the sun
----the illusion of self
---in the shadows

--Facing the sun
------------the illusion of self
-------in the shadows



come to your purpose
-----and your purpose comes to you
-Some ways
---there's a lot of
-------the Universe wants you
--I calm serene ecstatic
-----Other times
-------I don't know
--how people
----to keep it together-
How do we contain ourselves?!
---this whole show of it
-This utter
-----of a situation.
Human beings
-----on this big
---rock in space
thinking about
---human beings
--on this big rock
---------in space.
It's madness
-How did we get here
----and why
-are we even thinking about it
---or are we-
---------even are we?
It's a fucking joke
a real fucking joke

--I've lost the magic.
-------I t--w a s
F a- l-s e---M a- g i- c

-Nothing's fucking magic
---------but everything
when you see
-the whole fucking mad situation.
there's a
-----naivety surrounds them
---common grounds them
------There's a sprite in the attic
-a goblin
---------in the kitchen
-------and a garden

Sunday, 27 September 2009

--it's good to be
-----centred in yourself
-expanding out into the world
The trees know
---they need to grow to the sky
-but they know
--------they need to grow slowly
---see the night sky
----------see it changing
-----see my blood platelets

-I'm learning,
-------I'm learning,
---here I'm learning

--------see the night sky,
-----see it changing
---see the sky
-----close my eyes
see these shapes
---kaleidoscopic drawn to point
---circle perhaps
--------coloured and patterned
and changing
----shifting night sky
--shapes rearranging
see the night sky,
--------------------pass by

reaching out to point

Triangle star

star triangle

star triangle diamond star
---to outgrow the garden
--music matters-
--------it matters so much
-but then-
----------it mattered,
------it mattered-
-------------you go beyond that
and something more-
------much more-
----matters more
balance process change


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Time is infinite
You never die
You are amazing


"I want to be with you"
"You are with me"
"No, I mean I want to be with you"
"You already are.
--------It's just your mind
------That's somewhere else"
The possibility
-----------of our existence
--is so fucking ridiculous it's funny.

--------And wonderful.

self same solid views
beauty colour space contagion.

--------It's all the same game



If you want to make a difference to the world around you
---do this [another thing]
-----Just make a difference to the world around you.
mystical futures

come back around

colour light decay
autumn colour trees dog,
-----autumn colour trees

Out Beyond The Marina

-----ebbing snaking tides
mystical boat
-----------grid horizons
----------to the hub of the wheel.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

words pull me
----back into the drainpipe
-when I should have just said
strips of stars in the cloud dispersed band

--come to land
-----------in the cracks of my hand

--but that doesn't matter

-----but that doesn't matter

-but that... DOESN'T MATTER
---All my poetry
------is my own weakness.

-Words compromise

And so long as that's

-I compromise myself...
-------with words
---grow silence into me,

You are Your best teacher
You are Everything

-grow your best silence,
--------steady trees

Monday, 21 September 2009

-The only way
----------you can change the world
-----is by first changing yourself.
Or rather,
-----becoming aware
-------------of yourself
-at a very basic,

-This is a
-----movement away
-from our understandings of a separate self
to a greater, unified

-When we truly understand
----------in this way-
-our current problems
-----(both individual and global)
--------------------cease to exist

-and we align ourselves
---with the greater forces of the Universe.

You are free.

I want you
---to be free
--------with me
Ask yourself;
----What does the Universe value?
--(Use that as your reference)
This is the story,
--------do you

Friday, 18 September 2009

The Universe has wings
--if only you know how to fly
----only exists
--because the Universe exists.

Real creativity
----is in line
------------with the Universe

-Anything else
---------is just
----------------make believe

Life: meaning:

---To live life in love
as an example to that
--------which you believe

----To die before you die

to (be)come aware
that you are the universe unfolding

--as the universe unfolds in you
These are my Earth feet
And you are my Earth child

The language of the stars
-the union of what is
we are only just being born
trust in the Universe
----and the Universe
-----------in you
You came to appreciate the day
-----The day says to you
--This Earth- us- we
-----are the greater mystery.
The rest
------is nothing
--to what we have-
----------now :-)
unfolded spread
--Universe there,
--------We are the universe unfolding
We ARE the emergent Universe

---------live it
----I'm living it
-------We are
Hell is not having
-------an awareness of your soul-
----your ultimate life source
know your body (mind) (spirit),
--------------know life
A distance of words
---and a difference of worlds
This is existence
----and this is true
-------------and wonderful

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

We love you
---because you love us
-because giving and receiving are the same thing
--------and love is all there is
--(And this is inner
-----------outer space)
Live out the truth
------of your attachments
----until they fade away
Sunflower smiley face windmill.
We're here

------we're here
--------we're here
----------we're here
and let my feel be born existence

And let my feel born spirit thrive
synchronicities &

We have these thoughts.

--If our fantasies
are not realities
--------then how do we form them?

patches; night sky

---different shades
-------------of bands of galaxies

Thursday, 10 September 2009

I came from the Universe
----So it will guide me
consciousness becomes aware
-----------of itself
These categories
--------don't exist (for me)
From the beginning
----it was always (going to be)
--the beginning of a consciousness
The ego
----is like your own music
------------playing in your own room.
---Which is fine
-------when you're in your own room
-but a disastrous noise
---------when you just want to relax
-------------------------------in the house
sun sail umbrella
-------floating high
You already know why.
You're here.
-If I am beautiful
--it is because
----the Universe is beautiful
and it
-----is running though me

-Run with me,
------Run with me...
The truth of existence
--is that we only need to exist.
-Let the Universe do the rest
It's just the dance of the Universe,
------------The universe dancing
it's all about what you choose to believe
girls out-
-----perfume smell,
--across the street
all our lives
-have been leading up to this moment
energy existence this

--The Universe helps those
--------who are on their right path.

-God helps those who help themselves.

---If you are on your right path
--the signs will guide you

-Simplicity. Let go

-Trust in the Universe

---the moon-

I see
---an orange yellow
------around it.

--And then
---------I see
directly around the moon,

---an electric blue hue

---unmistakably there



-Last night (and tonight too)
The moon through my window
----------------in three
We exist in relation
-Rainy baby
pick-up station
-perfect in process
--never complete
until the point
----we burst out
---------or something
-necessitates a
-----from that somebody
----------or something.
That is the nature of external power.
----But with separation
--there can be no authentic power-
----------no fulfillment
-----of the Soul's essential nature-
----------which is wholeness,
----------The reason we are here.

The pursuit of power
----------------is a fruitless pursuit
-------in terms
---of what we really want and need
------------------------as people.

choice, doubt

to live simply, with minimal choice
--------(and to be happy
-------------and choosing of that)
---is to be free, with minimal doubt
Become insignificant to the world
so you
can come
-Speak the truth
-----But know
that the truth cannot be spoken
it's a risk I'm taking
-to a heart is breaking
-which is mine
houses split in two
--By paint
You can't
buy fun
You have fun
------(or you don't)
-Thank you God
------for so much beauty.
Cupped my heart
--------------in the clouds of the sky

---And whether you believe in God
--------seeing nature in existence
----------------------------for what it is
-Is as big of an awakening
---------------onto the Divine
This is
--what has
If that's your prejudice
---I'll let you keep it
subtleties connect.

Technological imagery

Compelling false

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

There's no such thing as time and space,
--but this is where we are
-So in the words of R Waldo E, hitch your wagon
------------------------------------to a star
koch snowflake fractal spread sound
----------------Universe unfolding
Watching eyes
---tell the (watching) skies
-Of silence.
-straddling both sides
------of the same pond

Over you, in you, yes.
---mastering anything
depends on your understanding
----of separation and Oneness
deep and long,
--siren song
satellite sailing,
--stars in the sky
technology yes
technology no
everything becomes possible
we're parasites
------on the Earth
--until we turn it around
---------and realise
------what we really are
clip clop
magic bus

clip clop

There have to be people who love trains,
but there's a unification factor here
not, never
systems forever
chimneys stand like stone soldiers,
---guarding the roofs
-the rain runs sea gulls land on.

--chimneys stand on roofs on walls
brick upon brick upon brick
---of built up to touch me not.

We've built our fortresses
----but never knew
--what we were fighting for
---------------and if we did
-----------it was largely
---Have less,
----Do less,
Be everything you want to be
When it comes to living out your Truth
--'Selfishness' is what nature intended
Because in fact
-------it is not selfishness at all