Tuesday, 31 August 2010

paradise and parasites

Evening walk
lush overgrown rich greening paths
This really is
Heaven on Earth.
Stand and stare.
(Out the bird hide)
(quiet nature point)
Don't rush, man...
You miss things.
And nature does not rush.
All in time
All in
its seasons.
Season changed
Me maybe too
newness old,
wonderful here

I'm in Love
with Existence.

And yet people-
may come
see my awe,
touching plants &
feeling trees
and think
my divine sanity
is insane.

The human world
so caught up,

People shut in houses,
this nature open free.

And yes, today I'm here...
But I'm the same
I can be the same,

I am people too.

And yes, we can be

Our activity parasitic
-----in this paradise...

And yet...
And yet...
we are what
this consciousness to life

We make nature whole
By being here
to experience it.

We are experiencing

And we are creating
that movement,
That which we are.

We bring it all to life
into consciousness


Maybe most of us
don't even know
what trip we're on.

Experiencing this
Experiencing ourselves

One movement
bringing All
To Life

Closing the separation
That exists
and really doesn't.

One movement whole
Bringing All

To Life
People indulging
in the highs and lows
to the story
they're creating

I'm not going to indulge
in the same things

I'm a stranger to this world-
And yet...
I know it well
my life purpose
------on the run...
---running out ahead of me
-I follow,
-------to everything!-
----fitting into place
seen hugging a tree,
--smelling a flower
---------sitting meditating
--------------in a forest
----------or a field.

--------------There's no need
----------------to apologise.

------Don't apologise
----------to the societal state
----------------of things
------------too soon
"What do you do?"
----------"I don't know what I do"
---They talk about
--------health and green
But how can it be true
------when they propagate
--------these lifestyles?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

"I want something forever"
But forever is not I
And I is not forever
this life is beautiful
------and I'm fortunate
----to have it

--To have an unshaking
---------raw vision of this world
-to take with me
I am blessed
--and I have all I could ever need
-of anything
-Sound of rain

What's the difference...

-I concentrate on life.
That's why I understand it.

I may not know a lot about
----what's happening in the world
-But I know what's happening
------------------in myself
fragrance of so many flowers
I know Life
---Because Life
has been my Life's project

under the big-ass sky
----without fences
you can see a long way

I'm really not lost
-------------or uncertain

----I know
-------I'm going Lord
-----------I know
----------------I'm going

---don't tell me
------I don't know what I'm talking about.

MY experience
------------tells ME
------I know what I'm talking about

---------(how could it not)
cloud dreaming
---aeroplane views

We Run Deeper...

--"What's the use of yoga?"
---------What's the use of answering that question, if that's your attitude?
Yes, what's the use of seeing what life is?

----...finance, bureaucracy, world structures, strictures...
----------It's not what life is.
-------It's what life
------------------has become

--We Run Deeper...
--------and this
------------is what I'm on about

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

-----to you
--------something may be nothing
-to me it may be everything
And if you haven't
------got Love
----You'll end up trying
--------------to prove yourself
------------in other ways

And if you haven't
----got God
--your satisfaction
----------will only lay
-------in the things of this world

--But with both
-----------you are...
---------contented :-)
the beauty of the forces of nature
----Each ant
--has its role to play
feather buoyant
----------on the air
come back to yourself
---and come back to God

Come to God
---and come back to yourself

(the two are not different)
The fullness
-------of nature
the fullness
---------of time
full-bodied plants
---and a simple abundance
-of things