Friday, 4 February 2011



Steve Finnell said...

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Nathan said...

Hi Steve,

I noticed yours is a Christian blog. I like to learn from a variety of religions and teachings.

I was wondering what you could tell me about Jesus saying 'no-one shall come to the Father (God)accept through Me.'

If my understanding is right, Jesus died and was reborn (as Holy Spirit) for us so that we could know God. So through this, the Atonement principle is now set in place. The Spirit calls us back Home, back to God.

So, the way I see it, now we can come to God directly, because Jesus set up the means for this to happen. And anyone who does this- answering the call of the Spirit- whether Christian or not, is working 'through Jesus Christ' (i.e. through the principles that Jesus set up for the rest of humanity to adhere to... for their own benefit).

Through his life, he provided us with an example of how to do this. ('Sin' being anything that hampers us in this).

Surely that means that like Him, we can have a direct link to God, here and now.

What do you think/feel about this?