Wednesday, 18 March 2009

circus wilderness(es)

lion casts out
in exoteric sweeps
lion cast out
of lions circus falling
circling shadows
of animality gone by
in shadow hisses
shadow groans
across colour clad wilderness
stripes attached
to forever flowing
one colour beauty take me home
to beasts
of the wilderness heart
we're brought for this,
they went away.


Lluvia said...

I have been reading your latest posts. This one won't leave me alone because I had a phrase similar to 'wilderness heart' in my head a few days ago.

Lluvia said...

Lions. This metaphor is interesting because you make them seem like baboons. Except for the one color beauty. And you. The stripes make me think of fronds, zebras, tigers, vines, and snakes. From a circus to nature. Is all of that right?