Wednesday, 26 January 2011

what can you/can't you do?
there's nothing


ED BULEY said...


You leave behind the only world that you have ever known
And blindly enter into another totally different
One when you are born.
You will repeat this remarkable process again when you die!

In the last and final act of separation from the only world that you have ever known, a cord is cut and the life support system that has sustained you since your beginning completely shuts down. Incredibly, an entirely new life support system takes over and you find a way to breathe by catching a new breath. All of this should be familiar territory to you but it's no wonder that you can't remember dieing. Your mind lost consciousness in order to survive the trauma, just like it does during a bad accident. Your throat was sliced, when the surgeon cut the umbilical cord that had sustained you, since your conception. Birth actually seems like death to the one who is about to be born because in childbearing; there are many that do not survive. For them, birth is death. Your Bellybutton is living proof that you had to survive death in order to get here... and there you were thinking, that your Bellybutton was nothing more than a dust collector.
MOTHER NATURE GAVE YOU A BELLY BUTTON ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. A Bellybutton is an odd gift indeed but it was given to you, on your very first birthday, so that you would never forget just how remarkable you are. You have already survived death once and you even have the scar to prove it! Your Bellybutton is a symbol of "your past life" and the mark of an extraordinary survivor. Coincidentally, the word "GRAVE" means; to mark, or engrave. Gravestones are "Marking Stones". Bellybuttons and Gravestones are marks that are left behind after a passing.
As strange as it may seem, human bodies are transportation devices. You came out of your mother's body when you were born, and you will come out of your own body when you die. A human body brought you into this world and a human body will release you from it. Dying and being born are the very same thing but it's the outcome of the act that determines how we choose to use the words.
Human beings are truly remarkable and that is why, we use two words instead of only one, to describe ourselves as a species. We use the term "Human Being" to describe ourselves because there are two separate parts to our nature. The "Human" part of your nature is your Visible Outer Person (VOP). The "Being" part of your nature is your Invisible Inner Person (IIP)... or otherwise known as, your inner person(ality). Your Outer Person(OP) is made of physical matter but your Inner Personality (IP) is not. A doctor cannot find your personality with a scalpel or a microscope and that's too bad... because your personality was essentially created from two other personalities (mother/father), therefore you were born with a "split personality". Your purpose in life is to develop the split-minded personality that you were born with into a "single-minded one, before you die..
Your personality is growing inside of you just like a baby in a womb. It's developing and changing during every minute of every day. In fact, you are not the same person today that you were yesterday, or for that matter... ten minutes ago. Personality growth ends when death begins. Death separates the non-physical part of your nature from the physical part. If your personality is strong enough to survive death... then once again, you will be born into another new life. Where else would newborns for the next life come from?
You faced death once before and found out that there was life beyond the womb and, if your personality is strong enough, when you die... YOU WILL ALSO FIND OUT; THAT THERE IS LIFE BEYOND THE TOMB.

kourtney said...

Woah. That's deeeep!

Nathan, could you please summarize Mr. Buley's comment for us?? ;)

kourtney said...

ok, how 'bout:

You're born, you have a bellybutton, you die. You're born, you have a belly button, you die, you're born, you have a...


Nathan said...

Hey guys...

I will read (and comment on) the big long comment after a few days... appreciate it!


Nathan said...

There's lots to comment on:

I like the juxtaposition of bellybuttons and gravestones.

It's not strange at all that human bodies are transportation devices... they are vehicles for expression and experience. :-) But I know what you mean, I guess some people would find that idea strange.

The 'Human Being' bit... 'Being' is also a verb. (Just another idea to share).

Nice VOP and IIP ideas!

'Personality growth ends when death begins.' I like that.

The idea of the strength of personality carrying through from one life to another sounds much like the idea of karma... where anything out of Sync with God at the end of one life needs re-aligning, requiring new births.

ED BULEY said...

Nathan, I see that you are wise, very wise. Thank you for your analogy of BELLYBUTTONS & GRAVESTONES. You're right again about being right with God. However, I personally do not agree with re-incarnation (but who can say if I am right or wrong for sure) but I do believe in evoultion... SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION to be precise. I don't think that we go back, only forward. If we need to grow closer to God (and we always will) we do that in the next life. Like still-born births, those who can not make-it, don't! The idea of getting another chance via re-incarnation is a waiver that I don't care for. The Catholics repeat sin because they have confession. Others are content with the possibility of a do-over. I don't think that this is fair to God. SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION, you either evolve or you don't. If a fetus does not evolve in the womb the first time, it doesn't get another chance to go back into that world to do it over again, other NEW SOULS will take the place of old ones that fail. THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH the strong evolve. There is an "E" but not a "RE" in SPIRITUALITY. The word "BEING" is also a noun... sort of!
But NATHAN, you no more wrong than I am in our belief's because if you switch the last two letters of the word "BELIEF" around, you get "BELIFE". The word BELIEF comes from the word BELIFE. Your beliefs become your life. LET THERE BE LIFE! Thank you again NATHAN, You are very cool and so are your blog followers too. I appreciate you all for lending me your ears. In return, I hope that seeing through my eyes has been somewhat useful to you all too. May your day-today be incredible and miraculous. Stick with NATHAN folks. I know that I am going to, too. Thanks one more time for your kindnesses to me NATHAN.

Nathan said...

Hi Ed...

I find it interesting that you say you don't believe in reincarnation, but do believe in spiritual evolution.

I have a tendency to believe we evolve both within this life and quite possibly over many lives...

And yes, that is a forward motion. But just imagine we choose to do something that doesn't sit right with our soul, for whatever reason... then maybe we need to go back to learn a few old lessons again... all the while in the context of that progressive spiritual development (because it is for our benefit to learn), that onward movement, growing closer to God/Love.

I personally don't see reincarnation as a waiver for getting another go at things in the future. Certainly not. I think that is a misunderstanding. A useless perspective on a useful notion. (I'm not criticisng you, but the general misunderstanding)When you understand it rightly, it is clear that what you do NOW is deciding your future directly. That's a BIG RESPONSIBILITY. It's a responsibility that, seen rightly, should propel you (personally and spiritually) in a boundlessly positive direction.

I'm always open to hearing different opinions and it has been great to hear yours. I wonder where you got this one though: 'other NEW SOULS will take the place of old ones that fail.' Maybe so. But don't confuse the body and the soul! (Maybe you're not anyway!) If a physical fetus dies, that doesn't mean the soul has. Maybe the one that 'failed' to make it into one body goes into another suitable body, somewhere else in 'space' and 'time.' (And perhaps, kind of like you say, other new souls will come in to take the 'opportunity' that the other soul 'passed up.') Maybe.

I can't tell you how much I appreciated this sentence:

"...if you switch the last two letters of the word "BELIEF" around, you get "BELIFE". The word BELIEF comes from the word BELIFE. Your beliefs become your life. LET THERE BE LIFE!"

I love stuff like that. Thank you! And thank you for all your kind comments. I hope we are learning from each other :-)