Tuesday, 29 September 2009

--I calm serene ecstatic
-----Other times
-------I don't know
--how people
----to keep it together-
How do we contain ourselves?!
---this whole show of it
-This utter
-----of a situation.
Human beings
-----on this big
---rock in space
thinking about
---human beings
--on this big rock
---------in space.
It's madness
-How did we get here
----and why
-are we even thinking about it
---or are we-
---------even are we?
It's a fucking joke
a real fucking joke

--I've lost the magic.
-------I t--w a s
F a- l-s e---M a- g i- c

-Nothing's fucking magic
---------but everything
when you see
-the whole fucking mad situation.

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